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    • Simplify File Storage and Reduce Cost with Cloud NAS Simplify File Storage and Reduce Cost with Cloud NAS Fred Pinkett, Senior Director Product Marketing at Nasuni Recorded: Aug 12 2015 5:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • The growth of unstructured data, especially files, continues unabated and strains enterprise infrastructure. The problem isn't just storage of growing data, but backing it up, making it available with high performance for users in distributed offices and for mobile users - all while providing for disaster recovery. These challenges wreak havoc on staff and budgets. It’s time for a new approach to NAS that takes advantage of the cloud, while still providing local access, performance and security.

      Learn about this new generation of bottom-less, backup-less NAS that makes files accessible anywhere. Cloud NAS solves the challenges of file data storage, costs less to own and manage, and ends the cycle of NAS hardware refreshes forever.

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    • Reduce Risk by Leveraging Data across IT Silos Reduce Risk by Leveraging Data across IT Silos John Emmitt and Marcelo Pereira Recorded: May 11 2016 3:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • One of the biggest challenges organizations face when trying to reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals and hackers is the lack of visibility and control over their IT environments, devices and applications. The ever growing number of software vulnerabilities makes it even more critical to leverage data from Software Asset Management (SAM) programs to help reduce security risk.

      In this webinar, you will hear how to leverage existing SAM data sources such as discovery and inventory data, unlicensed and unauthorized software, along with vulnerability intelligence data, to drive mitigation of security risk through effective reduction of the attack surface.

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    • Eliminate Risk and Reduce Your Attack Surface Eliminate Risk and Reduce Your Attack Surface Mitch Sherfey, Principal Product Manager, Data Center Automation Recorded: Apr 19 2016 6:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • Join us for an exclusive preview of the new BMC product developed to address your security needs! Watch and see how you can eliminate risks and reduce your attack surface by providing Operations teams with actionable data combined with automation. Help your Security and Operations teams address threats and vulnerabilities based on impact and priority.

      Watch as Principal Product Manager Mitch Sherfey demonstrates how the tool:

      - Provides a customized “to do” list to address threats based on policy and impact – ensuring the most critical issues are fixed first
      - Offers Security teams a first-time ever view into operational plans – providing visibility into planned actions, predictive SLAs, and burndown views
      - Creates an automated and standard process for Security and Operations teams to enable the relentless pursuit of threats

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    • Reduce Time to Value with Automated Discovery and Service Model Maps Reduce Time to Value with Automated Discovery and Service Model Maps Mark Bradley, HP, Jon Furner, Sandeep Parmar, Results Positive Recorded: Sep 23 2015 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Reduce Time to Value with Automated Discovery and Service Model Maps

      Service Models have been an aspirational goal for many organizations. The time and effort required to create and maintain effective service maps has prevented many organizations from achieving desired business outcomes. The need for quick time to value in building new products and establishing the ability to quickly support and maintain applications has never been higher in today’s digital world.

      Access to industry leading discovery, configuration management, and automated service mapping and modeling technologies combined with the right business processes and personnel have proven to be the key ingredients to reducing mean time to repair and improved customer experience and satisfaction.

      In this webinar you will receive an overview of how you can utilize HP Configuration Management System to discover and automate the creation of service maps.

      Key take aways from attending this webinar include:

      How to select and prepare for the creation of an automated service model
      How to execute and monitor the auto creation of selected service models
      How to review, validate, and deploy new service maps
      How to maintain and update service models so they remain current
      Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn the proven processes and key technology capabilities to plan, setup, and maintain service models with dependency maps across critical configuration items.

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    • Reduce Your Attack Surface by Getting Back to Basics Reduce Your Attack Surface by Getting Back to Basics Professor Avishai Wool, AlgoSec Recorded: Dec 17 2015 3:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Most firewall breaches are caused by firewall misconfigurations and a lack of segmentation across their networks. In fact only a handful of attacks truly use sophisticated techniques. So getting security basics right will deliver far better protection against cyberattacks compared with many of the latest shiny new security technologies.

      Presented by the renowned industry expert Professor Avishai Wool, this technical webinar will walk you through a typical cyber threat scenario faced by millions of business every single day. It will provide both best practices and demonstrate specific techniques to help you reduce your attack surface and limit and even prevent damage to your business.

      During the webinar Professor Wool will:
      * Present the different methods used by cyber criminals to penetrate your network security
      * Trace and analyze the anatomy of a typical advanced persistent threat (APT)
      * Discuss best practices for reducing cyber criminals’ lateral movements with your network
      * Provide tips and demonstrate techniques for reducing your attack surface using existing security solutions

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