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    • Simplify File Storage and Reduce Cost with Cloud NAS
      Simplify File Storage and Reduce Cost with Cloud NAS Fred Pinkett, Senior Director Product Marketing at Nasuni Recorded: Aug 12 2015 5:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • The growth of unstructured data, especially files, continues unabated and strains enterprise infrastructure. The problem isn't just storage of growing data, but backing it up, making it available with high performance for users in distributed offices and for mobile users - all while providing for disaster recovery. These challenges wreak havoc on staff and budgets. It’s time for a new approach to NAS that takes advantage of the cloud, while still providing local access, performance and security.

      Learn about this new generation of bottom-less, backup-less NAS that makes files accessible anywhere. Cloud NAS solves the challenges of file data storage, costs less to own and manage, and ends the cycle of NAS hardware refreshes forever.

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    • Reduce Time to Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats—Without Adding Resources
      Reduce Time to Detect and Respond to Cyber Threats—Without Adding Resources Chris Martin, LogRhythm Security Expert Upcoming: Feb 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Today’s reality is that organizations will continue to be confronted by increasingly frequent and complex cyber threats. It’s not a matter of if your organization will be compromised, but when.

      The Threat Lifecycle Management Framework (TLM) is a series of aligned security operations capabilities. It begins with the ability to see broadly and deeply across your IT environment and ends with the ability to quickly mitigate and recover from security incidents. The result? A reduction in your mean time to detect and mean time to respond without adding staff to accomplish the job.

      In this webcast, Chris Martin, LogRhythm security expert, will explain what TLM is and demonstrate how the end-to-end security workflow helps reduce your mean time to detect and respond to cyber threats.

      You’ll learn:

      •The definition and details of the TLM framework
      •How TLM enables you to sort through the noise to highlight and investigate concerning incidents
      •How TLM works to streamline processes through automated workflow
      •Specific use cases TLM can address to prevent major data breaches

      Register now to learn how to enhance your threat detection and response capabilities with LogRhythm and Threat Lifecycle Management (TLM).

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    • Use your data to Reduce Service Request Resolution Time
      Use your data to Reduce Service Request Resolution Time Dean Williams, President Block64 Recorded: Dec 7 2016 4:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Case study examples of using better asset data to improve service, reduce cost & mitigate risk.

      Smash the silo: make your key asset data available across the organization, at all times. In this section, we’ll talk a bit about how organizations often silo their support/ticketing systems off from other systems containing key asset data, and why this would matter and introduce potential waste and headaches for an organization.

      The hidden costs of a long refresh cycle: Here I discuss the relationship between aged assets and the spike this can cause in support traffic. A look at gaps that can be exposed by having things like asset age, supportability, and current maintenance coverage can help with a refresh strategy.

      Proper maintenance coverage: a shortcut to eased support overhead.
      Here I’ll talk through a handful of real-world examples where a lack of asset oversight led to actual outages or over-payment by customers we’ve worked with.

      Pitfalls of popular maintenance platforms: Discussing some of the ways in which gaps that cause support headaches are systemically introduced by popular maintenance programs such as SmartNET.

      Using data to reduce Service Request Resolution Time: Lastly, talk about how to gauge and meter the soft and hard benefits of introducing better data during the support process

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    • Reduce the cost and complexity of retiring legacy PeopleSoft instances
      Reduce the cost and complexity of retiring legacy PeopleSoft instances Gagan Bhatia, HPE Product Marketing Manager and Ali ElKortobi, Director, Data Protection R&D Recorded: Dec 15 2016 6:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Attend this webinar to learn how HPE’s application retirement solution can help reduce the overall recurring cost of managing legacy PeopleSoft instances by up to 40%.

      The costs of licensing, operational, and skilled resources in maintaining legacy PeopleSoft environments can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. In addition to these costs, organizations expose themselves to various security and privacy risks associated with the improper management of employee data stored in these inactive systems.

      With HPE’s application retirement and archiving solution, you can retire multiple PeopleSoft instances while retaining seamless access to the historical data for compliance and reporting. Built on HPE’s market leading Structured Data Manager platform that relocates inactive data from expensive tier 1 production systems and legacy databases while preserving data integrity and access, you can be confident that the solution is scalable, flexible and secure.

      Join us to hear more about how HPE Structured Data Manager for PeopleSoft Enterprise can help you simplify the retirement of legacy PeopleSoft instances and reduce the cost, complexity and risks associated with managing legacy applications and data.

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    • Reduce Service Desk costs with Big Data Analytics
      Reduce Service Desk costs with Big Data Analytics Thore Senneset – Incident Manager in HEMIT and Markus Hammelmann – Dipl.-Ing., MBA working for T-Systems GmbH Recorded: Oct 11 2016 2:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • What value does automation and big data analytics bring?

      Big Data analytics provides actionable insight and fast knowledge delivery. It allows you to see trends in incident and other service desk data for an easy jumpstart into proactive problem management. Together with faster call handling and problem resolution times, there are significant improvements in efficiency and a decrease in cost for the IT organization.

      See what others have achieved:

      The real proof of value of an automation solution is what others have achieved. Join us to hear from:

      -Thore Senneset – Incident Manager in HEMIT, Norway – on how Smart Analytics helped them reduce incident and interaction resolution times.
      -Markus Hammelmann – Dipl.-Ing., MBA working for T-Systems GmbH, Germany – will share how Smart Email helps T-Systems to automatically classify incoming tickets and help them to reduce email ticket handling time.

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    • Reduce Risks and Secure Your Mobile Endpoints
      Reduce Risks and Secure Your Mobile Endpoints Phil Hochmuth, Program Director, IDC’s Enterprise Mobility; John Michelsen, Chief Product Officer, Zimperium Recorded: Oct 27 2016 4:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • A long-held assumption about mobile technology in general is that endpoint security technologies are unnecessary since mobile operating systems (OSs) are inherently more secure than PC OSs. For policy enforcement and security on mobile devices, IT organizations have looked to enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms for additional security and device control. However, there is a detection and enforcement gap between devices and back-end EMM, which does not provide real-time monitoring of app activity, network traffic, and overall endpoint health.

      Mobile endpoint protection is critical and BYO complicates the issue since enterprises may or may not own the mobile endpoint. Employee owned devices introduce many more risks and variables than enterprises account for and we wish to inform you on this webinar. Join Phil and John to learn how to privately secure your BYO devices and measure the risks these devices bring into your network.


      - How to privately secure BYOD mobile endpoints
      - How to classify risky devices by examining installed applications
      - How to create a plan to reduce risks introduced by mobile devices

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    • Reduce Risk by Leveraging Data across IT Silos
      Reduce Risk by Leveraging Data across IT Silos John Emmitt and Marcelo Pereira Recorded: May 11 2016 3:00 pm UTC 40 mins
    • One of the biggest challenges organizations face when trying to reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals and hackers is the lack of visibility and control over their IT environments, devices and applications. The ever growing number of software vulnerabilities makes it even more critical to leverage data from Software Asset Management (SAM) programs to help reduce security risk.

      In this webinar, you will hear how to leverage existing SAM data sources such as discovery and inventory data, unlicensed and unauthorized software, along with vulnerability intelligence data, to drive mitigation of security risk through effective reduction of the attack surface.

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    • Store More Data and Reduce Costs with an Optimized EDW
      Store More Data and Reduce Costs with an Optimized EDW Keith Manthey, CTO, EMC | Nicholas Ruggiero, Systems Engineer, EMC Recorded: Jul 12 2016 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Rapid data growth of traditional and new data sources is putting a strain on existing Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) resources and related IT budgets. Learn how to reduce the cost of an EDW by augmenting it with an EMC Data Lake and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). Today, Enterprises simply can’t afford to keep all data and often have to discard or aggregate it before storing. Increasingly, EDW resources are also being used to handle the data wrangling and cleansing jobs instead of performing higher value-add analytics and Business Intelligence workloads. These challenges have driven many enterprises to look for ways to optimize their EDW by on-boarding lower value data storage and processing functions to a more affordable data lake platform that extend the value of their EDW and enhance their business intelligence activities.

      Not only will you get more value out of EDW investments, but by introducing EMC Isilon in combination with HDP, you have extended your datacenter to capture more data for longer, giving you more advanced analytics capabilities. Join us for this webinar to hear from EMC and Hortonworks on how customers transformed and modernized their Data Warehouse.

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    • Eliminate Risk and Reduce Your Attack Surface
      Eliminate Risk and Reduce Your Attack Surface Mitch Sherfey, Principal Product Manager, Data Center Automation Recorded: Apr 19 2016 6:00 pm UTC 42 mins
    • Join us for an exclusive preview of the new BMC product developed to address your security needs! Watch and see how you can eliminate risks and reduce your attack surface by providing Operations teams with actionable data combined with automation. Help your Security and Operations teams address threats and vulnerabilities based on impact and priority.

      Watch as Principal Product Manager Mitch Sherfey demonstrates how the tool:

      - Provides a customized “to do” list to address threats based on policy and impact – ensuring the most critical issues are fixed first
      - Offers Security teams a first-time ever view into operational plans – providing visibility into planned actions, predictive SLAs, and burndown views
      - Creates an automated and standard process for Security and Operations teams to enable the relentless pursuit of threats

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