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    • CIP – Significantly Reducing Costs in Outpatients CIP – Significantly Reducing Costs in Outpatients Chris Rodwell, Robin Kilner Recorded: Oct 27 2015 2:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • The NHS Five Year Forward View requires £20bn - £30bn cost improvements by 2020. Patient care requires continuous improvements to keep pace with increasing expectations on services. This calls for Trusts to improve processes, while reducing actual delivery costs.

      Trusts need to understand the positive financial impact of an Outpatient Process Redesign. Winscribe’s healthcare process experts Chris Rodwell and Robin Kilner show how this can be achieved. The purpose of the redesign is to identify and write an action plan to reduce the costs of supporting outpatients by a minimum of £1m per annum for a small to medium trust. More for larger trusts.

      Cost savings can be made as a result of:-
      •Better document creation – getting it down to seconds per appointment for the clinician
      •Reducing costs of administration for discharge / clinic letter production – reductions of 50 – 60% possible
      •Improve document sharing (time taken) and document TAT – reduces admin further
      •Accuracy – right first time
      •Reduced cost per letter - reductions of 50 – 60% possible

      This webinar is to share this approach with NHS Finance Managers and Directors. We will examine actual case studies and show the savings that can be made, in the current financial year and over a 5 year plan. Winscribe’s healthcare process experts Chris Rodwell and Robin Kilner show how this can be achieved.

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    • Security Management: Reducing Your Attack Surface with Risk Analytics Security Management: Reducing Your Attack Surface with Risk Analytics Gidi Cohen, CEO and Founder, Skybox Security Recorded: May 1 2014 6:15 pm UTC 25 mins
    • There is a huge imbalance between the time and effort it takes a security manager to find and close attack vectors, versus the time it takes an attacker to exploit a security gap. A security team may need weeks to scan a network and fix vulnerabilities, while attacks can be successful in minutes. Time is of the essence, and risk analytics convert security data into actionable intelligence fast.

      In this presentation, recorded at InfoSecurity Europe 2014, Skybox Security CEO and Founder Gidi Cohen explores the popular approaches for IT security management and why common methodologies are no longer effective at reducing the attack surface. He also reviews practical ways to leverage security data and risk analytics tools to shrink the attack surface every day.

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    • Agent Excellence: Tips for Reducing Turnover and Improving Customer Satisfaction Agent Excellence: Tips for Reducing Turnover and Improving Customer Satisfaction Justin Robins, Community Director, ICMI | Jennifer Schonher, Shared Technologies, Symantec | Erica Strother Maroi, ICMI Recorded: Feb 26 2016 11:55 pm UTC 60 mins
    • We all know that the contact center agent plays a critical role in service delivery and ensuring customer satisfaction. The individuals on the front line must be expert ambassadors of our brand who can effectively navigate a customer’s needs while delivering a consistent experience across channels and interactions. We also know that our customers are becoming more tech-savvy with an increasing reliance on their connection to devices and a growing demand for consistent and accessible service.

      All of this means that the role of a contact center agent is more complex than ever before and, if ill-prepared, it’s taking a toll on agent turnover, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the reputations of many organizations.

      Attend this webinar to learn:

      What ICMI’s research uncovered on the primary causes of agent attrition and job dissatisfaction and tips and ideas to significantly reduce these in your contact center.
      How to identify the customer information that is most important to your agents during a customer contact and tips for implementing the tools, processes, and training to ensure that they can effectively maximize their available resources.
      The top mistakes contact center leaders make when mapping the agent-customer experience and how to prevent them from happening in your contact center.
      How Symantec leverages their own people, processes, and technologies to ensure that they’re able to simultaneously satisfy their customers and motivate their agents.
      Join us for this interactive and informative hour—complete with audience polls, case studies, best practices and live Q&A.

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    • Microservices: Reducing Complexity in an Omnichannel World Microservices: Reducing Complexity in an Omnichannel World Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) & CA Technologies Recorded: Feb 1 2016 9:50 pm UTC 58 mins
    • The microservices software architecture is the industry’s latest answer to providing customers with a seamless, high quality omnichannel experience. Thirty percent of companies are already delivering software via microservices, and 75% see them as being “very important” or “critical” to the future of their businesses.

      Designed to make software more “transportable” across multiple devices and platforms—including web, mobile, and wearables—this approach promises to deliver an optimal customer experience regardless of how, when, or where a customer chooses to engage with a business.

      However with this proliferation of platforms and devices, understanding the customer experience becomes more difficult. Highly interconnected and interactive, microservices architectures require a new level of customer centricity to alleviate complexity, reduce support costs, and ensure a high quality end user experience.

      Listen to leading IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and CA Technologies to learn:

      - What new challenges IT will encounter in deploying, monitoring, and managing microservices in omnichannel environments
      - How to reduce complexity and understand the impact of change when monitoring applications using microservices architectures
      - How to monitor your entire omnichannel stack with a single application performance management (APM) solution.

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    • Energy & Sustainability - reducing operating costs & boosting profit margins Energy & Sustainability - reducing operating costs & boosting profit margins Mark Staples Recorded: Apr 2 2014 9:00 am UTC 61 mins
    • Energy and Sustainability Management in the Food and Beverage environment, reducing your Operating Costs, to Boost your Profit Margins.

      Compared to other industries, the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry leads the way in terms of the development and deployment of sustainability programmes. F&B manufacturers have improved the efficiency of their facilities, invested in renewable energy, and managed the sustainability of their supply chains in order to lower the impact on the environment. The F&B industry has met the requirements of global and local legislation, and leads all sectors in sustainability disclosure.

      However, with persistent global resource shortages and increasing energy and commodity prices, tougher governmental regulations will be enforced and customers will demand increased transparency of F&B operations. It is estimated that 10% of the world’s emissions come from manufacturing, and that a 26% improvement potential exists for manufacturing firms worldwide.

      This Webinar, recommends an integrated Sustainability and Energy Management programme resulting in reduced costs, increased profitability, lower carbon emissions, mitigated risk and improved corporate image for F&B organisations.

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    • Reducing Risk Through Effective Vulnerability Management Reducing Risk Through Effective Vulnerability Management Gavin Millard Recorded: Dec 16 2013 10:00 am UTC 33 mins
    • Gavin Millard, Tripwire's EMEA Technical Director, will discuss why effective vulnerability management is critical to measuring, managing and reducing your attack surface and how to gain insight from the information Tripwire can provide.
      Topics covered will include
      • Why asset discovery is fundamental to understanding the size and scope of your extended infrastructure
      • How to gain full visibility into where the most vulnerable areas of the infrastructure reside through Tripwire’s market leading scoring approach
      • How to prioritise the hosts within the infrastructure to quickly reduce the risk and gain control of your attack surface
      • What reporting works with management to connect the value of vulnerability management to the business goals of the organisation

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    • IPO or exit ready? Reducing tax risk for growing companies IPO or exit ready? Reducing tax risk for growing companies Malcolm Ellerbe, Tax Partner, Armanino Recorded: Sep 30 2015 8:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Sponsored by Avalara

      Whether you’re moving up from Quickbooks or have an enterprise level ERP, you know that you can’t mess around with tax compliance. Imagine getting ready for IPO or hit that big buy from a major Fortune 100 company – and then find that the acquisition tanks due to a major liability in mismanaged sales tax. Ouch! Unfortunately, we’ve seen it happen time and again.

      Let us help you get your organization ready for the next growth phase that will put you into the three comma club. We’ve rounded up some top-notch tax experts with lots of experience working with public and private high-growth tech companies – and they’re not going to let you down in the clutch.

      Tax partners Malcolm Ellerbe, David Sordello, and Jon Davies of the Silicon Valley company Armanino will sit down for an interactive chat with the VentureBeat audience – and are happy to take your questions as you navigate the ins and outs of sales tax in a mobile and startup culture.

      In this webinar, you’ll:

      * Gain greater visibility to common sales tax loopholes that often snag hot tech startups and entrepreneurs
      * Determine whether sales tax is even an issue for your organization -- you might be surprised.
      * Learn ways that international tax in growth stage companies can be the make or break point for that next IPO
      * Get a high level overview of other tax considerations like net operating losses, impact of stock compensation, and the states that are currently taxing cloud computing services.

      Malcolm Ellerbe, Tax Partner, Armanino
      David Sordello, CPA, Corporate Tax, Armanino
      Jon Davies, Tax Partner, International Tax, Armanino

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    • Igniting Insanely Great Employee Performance While Reducing Risk Igniting Insanely Great Employee Performance While Reducing Risk Thomas Ianuzzi, CPP, CISSP Recorded: Oct 22 2013 3:00 pm UTC 26 mins
    • Would you like ignite your employees full potential and supercharge their performance while reducing risk and increasing the resilience of your organization? Who wouldn't?
      In this webcast, We will explore the nature of engagement and how to couple it with a great security program to build a winning combination. In fact, Implementing an Engaged Security plan is the most effective action you can take to increase security, productivity and profit.

      You will learn:

      • How to cultivate employee engagement
      • How corporate culture is impacted
      • The essential role of the security tie-in
      • How to manage for high engagement
      • How to design and implement your program
      • How to Compute your ROI

      In just 30 minutes. you will be ready to bring the benefits of and Engaged Security program to your organization.

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    • Reducing the Risk of Targeted Attacks with Intelligence Reducing the Risk of Targeted Attacks with Intelligence Marcelo Pereira, Product Marketing Manager, Secunia Recorded: Mar 17 2015 3:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • If your intuitive response to the risk of targeted attacks is to run and get some Advanced Threat

      Protection, do yourself a favour and take a step back. The reality is that, while the number of advanced

      attacks has been increasing, the vast majority of cases still use fairly simple techniques and exploit

      publically known vulnerabilities that can be solved by regular patching or other mitigation actions.

      In this webinar we will talk about how you should use vulnerability intelligence to reduce the attack

      surface for hackers and strengthen resilience before you think of implementing ATP solutions.

      Key takeaways:

      - An overview of a multi-layered security approach

      - How to leverage vulnerability intelligence to reduce risk

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