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    • Mini-Series: Reporting 101 from SplashBI
      Mini-Series: Reporting 101 from SplashBI Rafael Torres, Director of Finance Reporting Recorded: Aug 2 2017 2:00 pm UTC 23 mins
    • For most users, running reports and pulling data isn't an enjoyable process, and usually causes more stress than it alleviates. Whether it is because data is in multiple places, or your application just doesn't have great reporting, we understand the pain. With SplashBI, running reports is easy to do, and exporting the data can be done in the format you need (HTML, Excel, CSV, and PDF to name a few). In this webinar, we will show you how simple it can be, no matter what application you use!

      Join Rafael Torres, our Director of Financial Reporting and learn how you can make your users learn to love their data!

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    • Financial Reporting with SAP Analysis for Office - 4 key considerations
      Financial Reporting with SAP Analysis for Office - 4 key considerations Nicholas Gerber Recorded: Apr 19 2018 11:00 am UTC 59 mins
    • Are you currently using or considering SAP® Analysis for Microsoft Office as a reporting solution? Although positioned as an ad hoc and multi-dimensional analysis tool that makes it easy to filter and manipulate data in Excel, the offering creates some challenges for Finance. In this webinar, we will focus on four key areas to keep in mind when using or considering SAP® Analysis for Microsoft Office.

      In this webcast, you will learn:
      How to tap into the many benefits of native Excel, not provided by Analysis for Office;
      Create reports directly from SAP in real-time;
      Reduce the reliance on IT to create and maintain reports;
      Empower users to both consume, but also model and enrich reports.

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    • Modern Reporting at Scale: How to Distribute Information and Answers to the Mass
      Modern Reporting at Scale: How to Distribute Information and Answers to the Mass Shane Swiderek, Product Marketing Manager, TIBCO Jaspersoft Recorded: Jun 27 2018 10:50 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Recent innovations in data discovery are dominating business analytics discussions in the CIO office. Meanwhile, large scale reporting systems continue to deliver the lion’s share of information. Most of the content consumed by organizations is still in the form of a report or a spreadsheet.

      Reporting keeps evolving and needs are shifting because relational databases are being augmented or replaced with ESB or NoSQL systems; monthly schedules with instant alerts; and static outputs with multiple interactive formats.

      In this session, learn about these market and technology shifts, the pressures they create, and the tooling that effectively answers important information delivery needs.

      Watch to learn:
      - How data access paradigms have evolved and how to access them today
      - The shift from single static outputs to multiple interactive output
      - Expectations for speed and delivery methods
      - TIBCO Jaspersoft® APIs, architecture, and reporting innovations (Add self-service)

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    • Your 2013 Roadmap for Technical Accounting and Financial Reporting
      Your 2013 Roadmap for Technical Accounting and Financial Reporting Michelle Search-Winters, National Director, Technical Accounting and Financial Reporting Recorded: Mar 19 2013 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • It’s not enough to stay on top of current industry issues. Instead, to be most successful, you need to look ahead and be prepared for what’s coming next.

      In this webinar, we will begin with an update and analysis on standards recently proposed and issued by the FASB, as well as new and enhanced reporting requirements from the SEC. You’ll then get a look into the future, so you can better anticipate and address critical financial reporting, compliance and accounting requirements to support successful implementation.Along with getting briefed on the FASB’s convergence projects, including revenue recognition and leases, we’ll also discuss other key issues likely to impact your technical accounting and financial reporting roadmap.

      After participating in this webinar, you will be able to:
      •Articulate the current status of key FASB initiatives and recent FASB and SEC updates
      •Identify areas of accounting and reporting focus for 2013
      •Develop impact assessments for your organization for new and pending accounting changes and compliance requirements

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    • Penalties Increase Again for 1099 and ACA Reporting
      Penalties Increase Again for 1099 and ACA Reporting Sovos Compliance Recorded: Apr 6 2016 6:00 pm UTC 31 mins
    • The IRS has raised penalty amounts once again. As stated in IRS announcement 16-11, these penalty increases include late and in-accurate filing, corrections, and maximum penalty cap for all tax information, 10-series, and ACA form reporting requirements. These increases apply for taxable years beginning in 2015!

      This 30 minute complimentary webinar covers the following:

      ★ Background on increases in 2015, regarding the Trade Preferences Extension Act of 2015. This legislation doubled the annual maximum penalty cap, and more than doubles the penalty per record for failure to file properly.

      ★ The latest penalty increases resulting from IRS 2016-11 increased the maximum penalty cap for corrections and failure to file as well as increased penalties per record for failure to file.

      ★ With penalty increases being announced twice within the last 12 months, what does this mean for my organization? How should I use this information during an internal tax season review?

      Please join us for this complimentary live webinar presented by Sovos Compliance. For additional information on the penalty increases from IRS announcement 16-11, visit our recently published blog announcing the changes.

      Sovos Compliance is the largest US filer of 10-series forms serving more than 4,500 clients across all industries including nearly half of the Fortune 500. With over 310 million 10-series forms processes last tax season, and nearly 30 years of experience dedicated specifically to tax information reporting processes, Sovos strongly believes in providing complimentary education webinars to support the greater community.

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    • Mini-Series: GL Connect - Building Financial Statements
      Mini-Series: GL Connect - Building Financial Statements Rafael Torres, Director of Finance Reporting Recorded: Jul 26 2017 7:25 pm UTC 30 mins
    • Video 1Our weekly mini-series webinars will each focus on a feature or functionality contained within our solutions. For a full list of upcoming webinars, or to see prior webinars, please visit http://www.splashbi.com/webinars

      Mini-Series: GL Connect - Building a Financial Statement

      This week, we focus on building financial statements with the GL Connect solution against Oracle E-Business Suite. Whether you need to build a summary income statement, or a complete cash flow, GL Connect gives you the ability to customize your financials to suit your organization, and easily refresh your numbers as often as you need. Did we mention you can drill down to the journals and subledgers from the balances?

      Join Rafael Torres, our Director of Financial Reporting over GL Connect, and learn more how GL Connect can up your month-end game!

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    • MiFIR Webinar Series - Unified ARM and APA reporting
      MiFIR Webinar Series - Unified ARM and APA reporting LSEG Recorded: Apr 27 2017 2:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Register now for this series of webinars to help educate firms on the different aspects of MiFIR reporting before the January 2018 go-live.

      London Stock Exchange Group and guest speakers will be providing clarity on how MiFIR will affect different industry segments across the most important parts of the regulation. Firms can turn MiFIR into an opportunity to improve their business, register to find out more.

      All sessions will include a live Q&A with the speakers and a chance to get all your questions answered.

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    • Take your Oracle EBS and Cloud Reporting to New Heights!
      Take your Oracle EBS and Cloud Reporting to New Heights! Thaddeus Kish, Regional Sales Manager and Sumit Dahiya, Director of Technology Recorded: Apr 27 2017 2:45 pm UTC 50 mins
    • As most users of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud can vouch, getting the right data out in the format you need, when you need it can sometimes be challenging. SplashBI is a robust reporting and dashboarding solution that can securely connect to Oracle systems and provide access to live, real-time data. We even have a library of pre-built content that can be leveraged to save time and money.

      In this demonstration, we will show how users can become the masters of their own reporting, and have the ability to create and ad hoc reports on the fly, WITHOUT the assistance of IT! Features include:
      - Easy to use ad hoc capability
      - Drag and Drop throughout the solution
      - Multiple output formats, including Excel, PDF, HTML and more
      - Library of pre-build reports, more than 1300 across most modules!
      - Plus much more!

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    • MiFIR: Beyond the reporting
      MiFIR: Beyond the reporting UnaVista, TRADEcho Recorded: Jan 31 2017 3:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • MiFIR goes live in just over 365 days, leading firms are now moving past trade and transaction reporting and focusing on remaining requirements. UnaVista and TRADEcho invite you to this webinar where we will be talking about the ancillary parts of MIFIR reporting.

      How will your firm address RTS 23 Reference Data Reporting? Are you required to do Commodities Position Reporting? How are you going to acquire LEIs and ISINs for your reporting?

      Find out more on this webinar.

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    • How to Make the Most of your Metrics: an Effective Reporting Framework
      How to Make the Most of your Metrics: an Effective Reporting Framework Paul Dooley, Optimal Connections Recorded: May 17 2018 5:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • There is a lot of guidance in the IT service management world about designing a proper Metrics
      and Measurements Framework; yet without a timely and effective Reporting Framework to sort
      this data, convert it to information, and present it in the right format at the right time to the
      people that need to know in order to make better decisions and take action, a metrics and
      measurements framework will be of little practical use.

      In this presentation, Paul will discuss why and how an effective Reporting Framework is essential
      to converting metrics into usable information that enables knowledge and improved decision making.

      Additionally, we will consider:
      • Why reporting should operate at three levels – strategic, tactical and operational
      • Four key elements to focus your reporting around
      • Why subjective results are just as critical as objective measurements
      • How “visible reporting” can drive people performance at all stages of the life-cycle
      • Which processes rely heavily on an effective reporting framework
      • Common reporting pitfalls, and how to avoid them

      Paul will conclude with 10 keys to designing and deploying a high-performance ITSM Reporting

      Attendees will walk away with an understanding of why a well-designed highly automated
      Reporting Framework that utilizes a “balanced approach”, effective graphics, clear targets, real-time
      as well as periodic reporting, along with analysis and actionable recommendations, is
      essential for IT service management to be effective in delivering quality services, as well as
      reporting the value of such services to all stakeholders.

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    • Demo : Self-Service Metrics & Reporting
      Demo : Self-Service Metrics & Reporting Syed Abdur, Brinqa, Director of Product Recorded: Feb 26 2018 10:40 pm UTC 28 mins
    • All Brinqa applications include powerful self-service reporting capabilities. Using Brinqa Risk Analytics end-users can create detailed actionable reports for their risk, operations and business audiences. In this video we will walk you through creating a vulnerability report from scratch.

      Some metrics represented in this report :
      Critical Vulnerabilities
      Exploitable Production and External Vulnerabilities
      Most vulnerable host and CVE
      Vulnerability Risk by OS and Ownership
      Most Vulnerability Operating Systems
      Vulnerability Risk Trend
      In the video we will cover how you can :
      Create single value metrics
      Create tables and lists
      Create visual metrics including pie, bar, columns charts
      Create trend charts
      Style reports with extensive appearance options

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    • Looking Ahead to the 2018 PRI Reporting Cycle
      Looking Ahead to the 2018 PRI Reporting Cycle Responsible Investor + ISS-Ethix Recorded: Nov 16 2017 4:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Looking Ahead to the 2018 PRI Reporting Cycle
      16th November 2017
      11:00 AM EST | 8:00 AM PST | 4:00 PM GMT | 5:00 PM CET

      Join this one hour webinar discussing the complexities of PRI signatory reporting and emerging trends investors should consider in fulfilling client mandates and meeting their active ownership responsibilities.

      Confirmed Speakers:
      • Elina Rolfe, Head of Reporting and Assessment, PRI
      • Adrie Heinsbroek, Head of Responsible Investment, NN Investment Partners
      • Bruce M. Kahn, PhD, Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Insight Capital Management
      • Ulrika Hasselgren, Global Head of Responsible Investment Strategy & ESG Integration, ISS 
      Moderated by Tony Hay, Publisher, Responsible Investor

      This webinar is in partnership with ISS-Ethix

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    • Adopting the new revenue recognition standards [Replay]
      Adopting the new revenue recognition standards [Replay] Brian Sommer, CEO - Techventive; Richa Dubey, Strategy - Workday; Tammy Cunha Compliance, Reporting, Revenue- JDA Software Recorded: Jun 29 2017 4:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Revenue recognition is already one of the most difficult financial and accounting processes to get right, and it’s one of the leading causes of restatement.

      With the introduction of ASC 606/IFRS 15, revenue recognition standards are experiencing significant change. Have you planned for your organization’s transition?

      Watch the webinar replay with Brian Sommer, CEO, TechVentive; Tammy Cunha, senior director, Compliance and Reporting, Revenue, JDA Software; and Richa Dubey, director, Revenue Product Strategy, Workday, to better understand the requirements and helpful ways practitioners like you are transitioning to the new standards.

      During this session, you will hear:

      An overview of the changes
      Best practices for transitioning and how to apply them to your own organization
      Real-world examples of Workday Financial Management that allow you to maximize your Financial IT to manage, account for,expense, forecast, and recognize revenue according to today’s guidelines and the financial planning of tomorrow

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    • A CISO's Key Challenge: Creating Valid Security Metrics & Reporting For Security
      A CISO's Key Challenge: Creating Valid Security Metrics & Reporting For Security Bill Bonney (CISA) Vice President, Product Management, TechVision Research and Dario Forte, CEO, and Founder of DFLabs Recorded: May 10 2017 5:00 pm UTC 52 mins
    • Cyber Security requires organizations to analyze and correlate data derived from the measurement of the right metrics. Every CISO is searching for the best practices for turning metrics and reporting into meaningful data for 3 important data sharing levels within organizations. Managing metrics and reporting for Security Operations and Incident Response can be a time consuming and costly project.

      In this webinar, our speakers will discuss how to strengthen and empower a security team’s ability to quickly assess and remediate security Incidents and data breaches.

      • Review CISO’s guide for sharing SecOps and IR data with C-level, VPs, and Directors.
      • Discover true priorities in breach reporting.
      • Learn what organizations can do to improve the automated analysis of incidents.
      • Understand the trends and benchmarks in security automation and orchestration to include metrics and reporting.
      • How to orchestrate and automate processes and machine actions in order to mitigate damages.

      Hear from:
      Bill Bonney, a co-author of the seminal book for new CISOs, the CISO Desk Reference Guide – A Practical Guide for CISOs. Along with his co-authors, Bill has established the standard “go to” reference for setting up an effective Information Security program. Along with Dario Forte, CEO, and Founder of DFLabs who will also be presenting on orchestrate and automate processes. Dario Forte started his career in Incident response as a member of the Italian police. In that role, he has worked with United States governmental agencies including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He is Co-Editor of several ISO Standards within the 27000 series and holds the CFE, CISM and CGEIT certifications. The author of over 50 books and scientific papers, Dario has an MBA from the University of Liverpool and has completed select executive curriculum at the Harvard Business School.

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    • Top SEC Concerns in Public Company Financial Reporting to Watch in 2017
      Top SEC Concerns in Public Company Financial Reporting to Watch in 2017 Nicolas Morgan, Jean Chow-Callam Recorded: Feb 28 2017 6:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • With the change in administration and the replacement of SEC Chair White, the state of SEC enforcement is in flux, and public companies are pressed to reevaluate how they deal with regulators and manage internal processes. This webcast will provide an in-depth examination of the projected 2017 areas of SEC focus, as well as an overview of how in-house counsel and finance teams can avoid missteps in this evolving financial reporting landscape.

      This program and Q&A session will be presented by SEC investigations and white collar defense attorney Nicolas Morgan from the law firm of Paul Hastings LLP, and forensic accounting, regulation and compliance expert Jean Chow-Callam of FTI Consulting. The presenters also will discuss steps for dealing with regulators and managing internal processes to simultaneously avoid and prepare for investigations, and other highlights from their article “Top SEC Concerns in Public Company Financial Reporting to Watch in 2017” published in Bloomberg BNA Insights in February 2017.

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