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    • A Metrics-Driven Approach to Demonstrating the Value of Risk Management
      A Metrics-Driven Approach to Demonstrating the Value of Risk Management Rich Boyer, Senior Architect - GRC Practice Lead Recorded: May 15 2013 6:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • In a rapidly changing business climate, the allocation of resources and budgets are closely tied to a CISO's ability to selectively target and manage information security risk. The problem, of course, is that many organizations have little control, understanding or management of risks due to the traditional, reactionary nature of information security spending. Depending on company culture, information security budgets are usually controlled by the wrong metrics, often driven by prior year spending, audit findings, or through reactionary senior management decisions that ignore the stark reality of the organizational situation. In this webinar, Integralis discusses how to prioritize risk through a metrics-driven risk management process that is aligned with business objectives. Using this approach, organizations can experience an effective budgeting exercise while enabling business leaders to understand and accept the appropriate level of risk tolerance for the business.

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    • Using Risk Awareness to Drive Security Programs
      Using Risk Awareness to Drive Security Programs William Klusovsky Recorded: Jul 16 2014 6:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • According to our recently published Global Threat Intelligence Report, organizations are under attack every minute of every day. We need to figure out the appropriate balance of risk exposure within the context of our commercial objectives. When companies are able to take risk, they are able to grow and compete effectively. It’s all about understanding risk and making the best decisions for your organization. With threats changing, growing and moving, it’s important to consider risk exposure in the context of commercial objectives. This level of understanding allows you to identify and prioritize the security activities that need to take place, allowing you to move to a state of continuous risk management aligned to your business goals.    

In this session we’ll cover:
· Real world examples of risk management driving business forward

      · Prioritizing budget relative to risk and opportunity
· Addressing risk proactively and programmatically
· Aligning risk and GRC programs to business strategy

If you’re interested in helping move your organization to a state of managed risk and industry leadership, you won’t want to miss this webinar.  

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    • The Cyber Security Playbook: Securing Budget and Forming Allies
      The Cyber Security Playbook: Securing Budget and Forming Allies David Etue, VP Corporate Development Strategy, SafeNet & Josh Corman, CTO, Sonatype Recorded: Jun 17 2014 2:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • As a defender of sensitive information, you are no stranger to the ever-changing breadth of security threats your organization faces. Not only are you expected to protect sensitive corporate and customer information from those threats, you are also expected to support massive IT infrastructure changes around where sensitive data is being stored and who and how it can be accessed. All of this with little internal enthusiasm for new projects and a stagnant security budget!

      Whether you are a CISO, CIO, or any employee responsible for protecting sensitive information it is time to fight for the resources you deserve!

      This session will reveal new strategies for:

      •Finding financial and operational support for information security initiatives across the organization;
      •Enlisting new, and at times, surprising allies for your information security projects;
      •Building a virtual team of ‘defenders’ across the organization.

      REGISTER TODAY for this insightful best practices session

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    • Risk-Based Security - Where Next?
      Risk-Based Security - Where Next? Peter Wood, CEO, First Base Technologies LLP Recorded: Nov 4 2015 11:00 am UTC 45 mins
    • We seem to be struggling to get to grips with risk-based security, especially where it concerns defensive strategy. Few if any organisations have sufficient budget to protect and test every part of the business, so how do we choose where to put our effort and money? The skills, knowledge and techniques needed to defend against an agile and devious attacker are available but infrequently deployed properly. In this webinar, Peter Wood will describe some case studies where risk-based security has made a real difference to organisations’ defences and response to cyber-attack.

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    • Kenna Platform Demo: Your Risk Revealed
      Kenna Platform Demo: Your Risk Revealed Kenna Security Recorded: Dec 30 2015 12:10 am UTC 25 mins
    • Join Brian Kavanagh and Kyle Havens as they offer a fast but detailed tour of the platform. See how Kenna has become an indispensable part of the security arsenal at companies such as PTC, Anthem, Hanesbrands, and Metlife.

      In just 30 minutes, we'll cover how to:
      - Connect all your scanner feeds to the Kenna platform
      - Set up your risk meter dashboards for your technology environments
      - View, track, and report on your risk posture
      - See which patches give you the biggest bang for your buck

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    • How to do Problem Management with No Budget
      How to do Problem Management with No Budget Peter Hubbard, Principal ITSM Consultant, Pink Elephant EMEA Recorded: Jun 1 2015 10:00 am UTC 48 mins
    • Problem Management is one of the most useful processes within ITIL as it allows an organisation to identify the underlying issues that generate incidents over and over again and removes them. It supports the change from reactive to proactive and makes customers happy by providing information and a process on those annoying issues that keep coming back to haunt them, and when they can expect to see them gone forever. However, with all this to offer many organisations still struggle to get the funding to implement this process as its seen as a duplication of effort with incident management.

      Join Peter Hubbard, Pink Elephant, as he shows you how to set up this process on a part time, unfunded, but effective way. The point is not to say that Problem Management does not need a budget, its to show you how to build up support by doing the basics anyway and showing how much better it could be if the organisation DID fund it properly!

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    • The Cloud: Eliminate risks, Gain Control; release benefits
      The Cloud: Eliminate risks, Gain Control; release benefits Sunil Choudrie & Laurence Pitt – Symantec Security Specialists Recorded: May 11 2016 9:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • If you’re confused about the cloud and your cloud security strategy, you are not alone. Even with increased security budgets in many organisations, 68% of business and IT executives we surveyed have security concerns.

      It’s no surprise as to why.

      Your control perimeter has decayed; data is on the move, shared across numerous platforms and accessed by multiple users. This webinar will cover how to locate and categorise data, understand and control who’s accessing it, and protect sensitive information against security breaches, putting you back in control.

      Join your fellow professionals and register for our webinar which takes you through security and compliance for data that is always on the move.

      Over the next three months, we’ll be holding a series of 4 webinars tackling threat and information protection.
      1) €20 million reasons to embrace the new EU GDPR (21st April 10:30am GMT) - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/5691/195977
      2) The Cloud: Eliminate risks, Gain Control; release benefits (11th May 10:30am GMT) - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/5691/195987
      3) How are you managing the security skills shortage? (2nd June 10:30am GMT) - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/5691/195991
      4) Clouds, hurricanes and cyber-attacks… (29th June 10:30am GMT) - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/5691/195993

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