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    • Sneak Peek: 2016 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Data
      Sneak Peek: 2016 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Data Roy Atkinson and Peter Zeinoun Recorded: Nov 15 2016 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • In this webinar, HDI’s senior writer/analyst, Roy Atkinson, will showcase new data from the 2016 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Survey. This data, previously unpublished, will take a look at the technologies and trends in desktop support, with a spotlight on the importance of remote control and assistance.

      Some of the data featured include:
      * Frameworks and methodologies desktop support teams align with include ITIL, the HDI Support Center Standard, Lean, COBIT, and this year, DevOps
      * On average, customer satisfaction with desktop support exceeds customer satisfaction with the support center overall
      * The top five must-have technologies for desktop support include alerts and monitoring tools, and remote control
      * Remote control is used almost equally by the support center (81% of organizations) and by desktop support (80.6% of organizations)
      * 51% of organizations track desktop support tickets separately from other tickets
      * Nearly one-third of desktop support organizations are resolving 51-75% of tickets through remote support

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    • How Much Are Your Employees Worth?
      How Much Are Your Employees Worth? Troy Lutz, Community Manager, Wagepoint Recorded: Jun 11 2014 5:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • Many workers say that the most important factor in considering a job opportunity is compensation. In fact, 89% of workers rate salary as being the deciding factor when it comes to accepting a job offer. In addition, more than 50% of workers believe that they are underpaid.

      But as an employer, how do you decide how much to compensate a new hire, an existing employee due for an increase, an existing employee moving into a new role, or a valuable employee who is considering leaving because of compensation? In addition, how do you determine compensation based on market conditions and scarce skills?

      Join us to learn the answers to these questions that’ll help you recruit, motivate, retain top talent.

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    • The Road Ahead: 2013 Financial Employment and Compensation Outlook
      The Road Ahead: 2013 Financial Employment and Compensation Outlook Paul McDonald, Lee Lowery, Kelly Battles, Raymond Castonguay, Vivian Moller Recorded: Nov 8 2012 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • As we head to the new year, the accounting and finance employment environment remains dynamic. While some firms are taking a measured approach to hiring, others are adding personnel to support growth. At the same time, talent shortages persist, giving a leg up to professionals in high-demand specialties.

      Get up-to-speed on the latest salary and employment information available to gain a competitive advantage in today’s economy. Panelists will discuss:
      •The financial hiring outlook
      •Factors driving hiring
      •Skills in demand
      •Financial compensation trends

      Career and hiring expert Paul McDonald of Robert Half will co-host the session with ASWA executive director Lee Lowery. They will be joined by panelists Kelly Battles, CFO of Host Analytics; Raymond Castonguay, senior vice-president, finance at Morneau Shepell; and Vivian Moller, CFO of HY Connect.

      The on-demand version does not qualify for CPE credit.

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    • The actuarial valuation of the USS - key challenges for DB schemes
      The actuarial valuation of the USS - key challenges for DB schemes Paul Hamilton, Partner and Head of Higher Education and Matt Tickle, Partner, Investment Consulting - Barnett Waddingham Recorded: Oct 12 2016 10:00 am UTC 42 mins
    • The actuarial valuation is due next year, but what challenges should defined benefit (DB) pension schemes expect to face in the current low-yield environment, particularly in the context of the USS?

      While The Pensions Regulator (and newspaper headlines) remains focussed on the increase in deficits, the cost of future accrual is often the biggest issue for schemes where members can still earn benefits.

      During this webinar our experts, Paul Hamilton (Partner and Head of Higher Education) and Matt Tickle (Partner, Investment Consulting) will explore:

      •the impact of market movements since the EU referendum on the funding level of the USS, and what this could mean for the 2017 valuation;

      •the pros and cons of expressing deficit contributions as a five of salaries (as is the current approach in the USS);

      •how market conditions make the situation difficult for DB schemes that are open for benefit accrual; and

      •the options available for pension schemes in this extremely low-yield environment.

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    • Let’s Go Kick Some Glass – How to be an Empowered Woman Leader & Negotiator
      Let’s Go Kick Some Glass – How to be an Empowered Woman Leader & Negotiator Pattie Grimm, Author, Speaker, Trainer & Coach, Advantage Training, LTD. Recorded: Feb 10 2017 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • When it comes to women in leadership positions, statistics show that about 15% of C-suite Execs are women and about 50% are managers. So by definition, most employees are led by male-dominated executive teams.

      Statistics also show that men are 3x more likely than women to succeed in salary negotiations, despite the fact that women ask for them just as frequently but receive them less often. Women are more reticent than men to negotiate, but why? Is there a correlation between less negotiation and less women leaders? More women are taking on more high-powered tech jobs, but still struggling with self-promotion.

      During this highly interactive and informative session, you’ll …

      - Learn what makes a great woman leader and how to use your unique talents to be successful women leader in any endeavor you chose
      - Understand your strengths and how to leverage your strengths to excel at any job
      -. Create your own personal vision statement to use as a guide for your career and life
      - Learn how to stand out and be valuable, visible, and vocal to get that job or promotion you deserve
      - Understand how to “pay it forward” and raise brave girls and supportive boys
      - Understand the skills and tactics to be a powerful woman negotiator
      - Learn the five biggest mistakes most women make when negotiating
      - Practice the steps for a successful negotiation

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    • Where's Waldo? Identifying and Retaining Top Talent
      Where's Waldo? Identifying and Retaining Top Talent Lori Kleiman Author and Managing Facilitator, HR Topics Recorded: Nov 17 2016 8:00 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Recruiting has to be more then just filling a vacant position – and retaining top talent is all about making the right selection to being with. Managers need to look at the scope of the role – and how that may have changed since the last person held the position. What do they really need in the future…and how can succession planning be impacted by hiring just the right person. Candidates look for jobs in a new way, and the tools available to managers to screen candidates should be utilized. Technology can be a huge time saver in communicating with and evaluating candidates. Tools in background evaluation and personality assessment will be reviewed to help managers determine which are appropriate to bring into their recruiting process. We will provide participants with recommendations to determine starting salary and the proper preparation of the offer letter. Finally, our discussion will conclude with the tools to identify top talent and ensure they are aligned with the long-term success of your organization.

      Learning Objectives:
      •Options for filling the candidate pipeline
      •Embracing technology while still creating a personal connection
      •Utilizing pre-employment testing at the right time for the right results
      •Development in background and credit check compliance
      •Full cycle recruiting goes beyond the offer letter

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    • Customer Service: Changing Preferences and Evolving Technologies
      Customer Service: Changing Preferences and Evolving Technologies Dana Olson, Chris Savio, and Megan Selva (moderator) Recorded: Oct 5 2016 5:00 pm UTC 53 mins
    • In research conducted by HDI and Robert Half Technology on the technical support center of the future, industry professionals said they need a staff with a passion for supporting customers and with social intelligence—a human connection in a digital world.

      Both internal and external customers are utilizing more communication channels and more devices now than ever before. The mobile workforce, remote work, consumerization, increased self-service, and emerging technologies have all played a part in creating the demand for better ways to serve customers and users.

      Attend this Customer Service Week webinar, presented by Dana Olson, senior IT manager at the Gavilon Group, to learn:
      • Which support channels customers are choosing
      • Why the combination of technology and people is more important than ever
      • What contributes to a great service culture in the support center

      According to the HDI 2015 Support Center Practices & Salary Report, 26 percent of the organizations that had an increase in customer satisfaction said that having a remote control tool was a factor in the increase.

      Chris Savio, a senior product expert from Rescue by LogMeIn, will show how Rescue can facilitate connecting with customers on multiple platforms to resolve issues quickly and easily utilizing remote control software, whiteboarding, system diagnostics and push configurations.

      Who should attend:
      • IT service desk managers and leads
      • Desktop support managers and leads

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    • FLSA Changes: Is Your Organization Prepared?
      FLSA Changes: Is Your Organization Prepared? Suzanne K. Lemen, SPHR, SHRM-SCP. CEO of Dynamic Corporate Solutions, Inc. Recorded: Apr 13 2016 3:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • The proposed Fair Labor Standards Act changes coming in 2016 will have major implications for your organization, but it will impact the bottom line most of all. Do you know what it will cost you in additional pay and overtime? Are you prepared to be audited if you have Independent Contractors?

      This one hour session will walk through all the current proposals and probable changes to the FLSA in 2016. Suggested pay rates will more than double for some employees, budgets will rise across the board as costs rise, and exemption categories are being inspected closely. There may be alternatives to these changes that you can use in your operation to make sure you’re in compliance NOW and plan for tomorrow.

      We’ll cover:

      • Strategies for dealing with the new requirements
      • Formulas for adjusting Salary/Hourly Rates
      • Communication Techniques for discussing these changes with employees
      • Are they Independent Contractors or Employees?
      • Who is exempt and who isn’t

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    • Protection des données:comment gérer & protéger les données,où qu’elles résident
      Protection des données:comment gérer & protéger les données,où qu’elles résident Hervé Doreau, Directeur Technique – Symantec France Recorded: Sep 7 2016 1:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • Lorsqu’il s’agit de vos données sensibles, comment pouvez-vous être certain qu’elles sont protégées et qu’aucune ne quitte votre environnement ?

      Les entreprises sont aujourd’hui confrontées aux difficultés suivantes :

      - Identifier le type de données à protéger
      - Contrôler l’accès aux données et garantir la confidentialité des identités, en particulier face aux fortes amendes prévues par la réglementation
      - Empêcher les fuites de données en dehors de l’organisation, les mégafuites et pertes de données s’accroissant d’année en année. 

      En 2015, plus d’un demi-milliard d’enregistrements personnels ont été dérobés ou perdus, et les campagnes de spear-phishing à l’encontre des salariés d’entreprise ont augmenté de 55 %.

      Dans un premier temps, il convient de permettre aux bonnes personnes d’accéder aux données pertinentes, où qu’elles se trouvent, en contrôlant l’accès, en surveillant les flux et en évitant qu’elles tombent entre de mauvaises mains. Vous pouvez alors facilement passer à la seconde étape : appliquer des politiques qui contrôlent l’accès aux données et leur utilisation, que ce soit sur le cloud, les appareils mobiles ou le réseau.

      Assistez à un webinaire Symantec sur les derniers enseignements tirés en matière de protection des données pour l’ensemble des applications qui composent votre environnement.

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    • 2014 Hiring and Compensation Trends in Accounting and Finance:
      2014 Hiring and Compensation Trends in Accounting and Finance: Paul McDonald, Robert Half; Lee Lowery, AFWA; Julie Winfield (cfo), Luminance; Charles Best (cfo), Blackline Systems Recorded: Nov 14 2013 6:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • The Information you need to hire and be hired in 2014

      As the economy improves, even incrementally, the fortunes of accounting and finance professionals remain on an upward trajectory. While good news for today’s professionals, hiring has become increasingly challenging for employers, which need staff who combine functional expertise and outstanding soft skills, can turn data into strategic guidance, are regulatory experts, and contribute to decisions affecting all areas of the business.

      Join Robert Half and AFWA to learn how you, whether you’re hiring financial professionals, looking for your next career move or both, can succeed in this environment. The webinar will cover:

      •Today’s most pressing financial hiring trends
      •In-demand positions and skills
      •How employers can attract and retain top performers
      •Steps for job seekers to stand out from the crowd
      •Salary trends for 2014

      The webinar qualifies for one unit of continuing professional education.
      Field of study: HR/Personnel
      Prerequisites: None
      Participant level: Beginning

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    • Desktop Support: Improving the Face of IT
      Desktop Support: Improving the Face of IT Cay Robertson Recorded: Oct 20 2015 2:55 pm UTC 73 mins
    • Desktop support is often called "the face of IT," and like any other business unit, desktop support needs to be as efficient and as effective as possible. Analyzing and improving the processes behind desktop support can help your organization optimize your results and increase customer satisfaction. In this members-only webinar, Cay Robertson will discuss some of the ways to accomplish process improvements, highlighting some year-over-year changes and trends from the HDI 2015 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Report.

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    • How Secure Are We?
      How Secure Are We? Nik Whitfield, CEO, Panaseer Recorded: Nov 4 2015 10:00 am UTC 44 mins
    • “How Secure Are We?” - the question hangs in the air in boardrooms across the world. The Board is asking the CEO. The CEO is asking the CISO. The Security Team is dealing with adaptations of the question from the Business, Risk, Auditors, Regulators, Clients and Partners. No wonder they’re sick of it. No wonder their scarce security professionals are ground down spending half of their waking hours finding data, learning obscure analysis languages, pasting data into overloaded spreadsheets and building PowerPoint decks. After all, surely they should be doing security instead? Maybe they’ll just go double their salary at a firm down the road….

      Only for the inevitable feedback, “That means nothing to us – try again!” It’s expensive. It’s happening.

      In this talk Nik will explore the opportunity presented by data science and its application on Hadoop and Spark in order to begin providing answers to this question.

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    • How Do You Attract The Best Young Talent into Careers With an Image Problem?
      How Do You Attract The Best Young Talent into Careers With an Image Problem? Ian Glover, President of CREST Recorded: Jul 13 2015 3:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • While most parents would be delighted if their offspring wanted to become an accountant, lawyer or even an actuary, they may be less encouraging if their son or daughter said they wanted to be a hacker. This is the negative manifestation of working in the cyber security industry that is often portrayed in the media. The reality is very different, with careers in cyber security providing fantastic opportunities that are hugely varied, really challenging and help to do good for society.

      Structured career paths provide an opportunity to progress quickly with jobs in large audit and accountancy firms through to small specialist boutique start-ups, as well as the chance for international work and creating new businesses. In addition, the whole industry is very diverse and is looking for people with a very wide range of talents.

      The problem is how do we communicate this to people who may be interested in the industry? Just as important for young people, how do we get to the influencers; their parents and their careers advisors to understand what an exciting place the cyber security industry is to work in and what they can expect in terms of the types of company they could work for and their salary expectations.

      The problem can be partially solved through education, information and support from businesses working together with a consistent message designed to encourage the very best people into the industry.

      In this presentation, Ian Glover from CREST will look at the challenges of attracting the brightest young people into careers that traditionally have an image problem and providing a strong career path once they are in. In particular, he will focus on the importance of properly-run internships and Government funded initiatives to educate and inform.

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