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    • Hybrid Mobile Apps: From Security Challenges to Secure Development
      Hybrid Mobile Apps: From Security Challenges to Secure Development Dr. Achim D. Brucker, Security Consultant & Senior Lecturer, University of Sheffield Recorded: Aug 16 2017 12:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • Cross-platform frameworks, such as Apache Cordova, Adobe PhoneGap, or SAP Kapsel are becoming increasingly popular. They promote the development of hybrid apps that combine native, i.e., system specific, code and system independent code, e.g., HTML5/JavaScript. Combining native with platform independent code opens Pandora's box: all the security risks for native development are multiplied with the security risk of web applications.

      In this talk, we will give a short introduction into hybrid app development, present specific attacks and discuss how Android developers are using Apache Cordova. In the second half of the talk, we will focus on the secure development of hybrid apps: both with hands-on guidelines for defensive programming as well as recommendations for hybrid app specific security testing strategies.

      Speaker bio:

      Dr. Achim D. Brucker (https://www.brucker.ch) leads the Software Assurance & Security Research Team (https://logicalhacking.com) at the University of Sheffield, UK. Until December 2015, he was a Security Testing Strategist in the Global Security Team of SAP SE, where, among others, he defined the risk-based security testing strategy of SAP. He is a frequent speaker at security conferences.

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    • Risk-based Security: Having the Right Security in the Right Place
      Risk-based Security: Having the Right Security in the Right Place Illyas Kooliyankal (Middle East CISO of the Year), CISO, ADS Securities Recorded: Jan 19 2016 4:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • -- Middle East CISO of the Year -- Global CISO of the Year Runner Up --

      An overall deep level analysis of why it is important to go back to basics, and basics of risk based approach towards information security. The session will be covering the current and historical state of information security, its challenges, and the way to get the right security for any organisation. Risk based approach, frameworks, high level steps, cost-benefit analysis, prioritisation of corrective measures based on risk categories, and presenting the information security plans to executive management based on a risk based approach. This is extremely key, when the organisational perimeters are not physical anymore, and organisational boundaries cannot be clearly defined within a firewall or a router, due to the adoption of new technologies and solutions like cloud, big data, mobiles etc.

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    • Women in Cyber Security
      Women in Cyber Security Chanel Suggs, IT Security Manager, Professor and Advisory board member, EC-Council Recorded: Jan 27 2016 4:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • The future for women in Cyber Security is NOW.

      Despite the growing demand and tremendous opportunities in the job market, cyber security remains an area where there is a significant shortage of skilled professionals regionally, nationally and internationally.

      At EC-Council University we want to empower and recognize women who are results-driven and able to manage multiple disparate tasks while leading groups to achieve positive outcomes and astonishing professional successes.

      Even worse, women’s representation in this male-dominated field of security is alarmingly low. Women are detail oriented with an analytical mind that quickly assess and achieve solutions to the most difficult problems, prioritizing and executing in a rapid, dynamic environment.

      “At EC-Council University we wish to highlight these prestigious women and set examples for others to follow suit.”

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    • It’s Time to Think Differently About Network Security
      It’s Time to Think Differently About Network Security Franklyn Jones, VP, Spikes Security Recorded: Jan 20 2016 3:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • Something is seriously wrong here. Businesses spend millions every year on the latest security technologies to keep their businesses safe – and then they still get attacked! Why does this continue to happen over and over again, and what can we do about it? This presentation – loaded with compelling research data from many different industry sources – provides revealing statistics on how bad this cyber security problem really is, and why it has continued to get worse despite your best efforts. But, if you’re willing to think differently about network security, there is now a way you can eliminate a huge number of attacks on your network, improve productivity of your IT staff, keep your business safe, and save a significant amount of money in the process. Skeptical, right? Well attend this session, learn the facts, then decide for yourself.

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    • What’s New in the Windows 10 Security Log
      What’s New in the Windows 10 Security Log Randy Franklin Smith, Ultimate Windows Security & Erick Ingleby, LogRhythm Recorded: Dec 10 2015 4:00 pm UTC 84 mins
    • Randy Franklin Smith of Ultimate Windows Security has been busy researching the changes to audit policy and the security log in Windows 10. He’ll be updating the Security Log Encyclopedia to reflect these changes and I’m going to show you these changes live in this upcoming real training for free ™ webinar. Here’s what to expect:

      • Microsoft has added a new “Audit Group Membership” subcategory to audit policy that documents all the groups a user belongs to at the moment of logon – whether an interactive logon to a workstation or a remote logon as to a file server. Smith will discuss the interesting ways you can use this information to enhance your monitoring of different types of users.

      • The other new audit policy, “Audit PNP Activity” allows you to audit connection of external devices by the Windows plug and play system.

      • Microsoft has new events and more fields to some existing events so that get additional useful information on activity like: Logons, process creation, enumeration of the local SAM account database and changes to Boot Configuration Database (BCD).

      A lot of these changes are valuable enhancements that will help you catch endpoint security threats more effectively. Furthermore, Smith will show specific examples of these new events and point out the new fields in existing events.

      LogRhythm, has sponsored this real training for free ™ session. LogRhythm has a new version of their cool SIEM out and Erick Ingleby will demo the new version 7.1. This includes the introduction of a new back-end technology for storing all log data that provides greater scalability, search performance, faster indexing rates, and enables new capabilities such as unstructured search against the full log message text.

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    • Evolving Your Cloud Security Stack With a CASB
      Evolving Your Cloud Security Stack With a CASB Gartner's Cloud Security Research Director Steve Riley and Netskope CEO Sanjay Beri Recorded: Jul 28 2017 3:50 pm UTC 30 mins
    • Hear from Gartner’s cloud security research director Steve Riley.

      New API-driven cloud and web services, along with mobile devices, have unlocked new and unsurpassed levels of productivity.

      The reality, however, is that while the way people work has evolved, legacy security tools were designed for a different time — and new tools such as cloud access security brokers (CASBs) are quickly gaining the attention of security architects and CISOs worldwide.

      Netskope is proud to sponsor this webcast where attendees will hear from Gartner’s cloud security research director Steve Riley.

      Attendees will learn:

      - how organizations are rethinking visibility, governance, data security, and threat protection

      - how to build a new security stack as resilient and nimble as the new workforce they protect.

      Featured presenters

      Steve Riley
      Cloud Security Research Director

      Sanjay Beri
      Chief Executive Officer

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    • Creating a network of security champions at Diageo
      Creating a network of security champions at Diageo John Haren, Head of Information Security Governance, Risk & Compliance, Diageo Recorded: Sep 15 2015 11:00 am UTC 38 mins
    • Since 2013 we have created a Security Champions network in Diageo across our 21 markets globally.Given limited resources, we had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve and we took a top-down approach to gain support for the initiative. We developed SMART objectives with a view to slowly and demonstrably driving value for Diageo employees and management over time. This is the story of how we achieved mutual benefit both for us in the central Security team and for the market Security Champions & their colleagues. Key takeaways will include;
      1: Aim for a Win-Win situation;
      2: Gain support from senior management first;
      3: Empower your champions;
      4: Build the program into champions’ annual targets or development plans;
      5: Actively drive network continuous improvement.

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    • Get Results from Your Awareness Activities Using the Security Culture Framework
      Get Results from Your Awareness Activities Using the Security Culture Framework Kai Roer, Founder The Roer Group, Security Culture Coach and Author Recorded: Jul 7 2015 11:00 am UTC 46 mins
    • For more than two decades organizations worldwide have failed at creating the security awareness we have aimed for. Instead of continuing doing things we already know are failing to give us the results we need, Mr. Roer and his team set out to analyse what the key elements in successful awareness programs are, and what the major reasons for failure are. The research project was the basis to create the Security Culture Framework, a free and open methodology on organizing successful awareness campaigns that creates lasting cultural change. Today, the framework is being used by a large number of organizations around the world, to build and maintain security culture. In this talk, Mr. Roer will walk you through the four basic principles of the Security Culture Framework, and explain how to be successful when building security culture.

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    • Using Permaculture to Cultivate a Sustainable Security Program
      Using Permaculture to Cultivate a Sustainable Security Program Chris Nelson, Director of Security, Distil Networks Recorded: Feb 16 2016 5:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • For centuries mankind’s greatest innovations came about through careful examination of natural systems. Information Security is no different. This presentation will explore how information security professionals can use the agricultural concept of “permaculture” (the practice of using design principles observed in natural ecosystems) to cultivate a sustainable, data-driven security program.

      In this fast-paced, thought-provoking session you’ll learn:

      - The basic tenets of permaculture and how they apply to information security strategy
      - How to build a security program that fosters collaboration, coupled with feedback loops and metrics
      - How embracing differences within an organization can lead to increases in productivity and security
      - Effective policy and control designs that enhance business objections as opposed to stifling them

      About the Speaker

      Chris Nelson has a passion for security, especially building security programs and teams in incredibly dynamic organizations. Chris is currently the Vice President of ISSA’s Denver Chapter, and Director of Security for Distil Networks, where he continues to expand his theories on using Permaculture in the design and implementation of security programs and controls. Chris held a similar role at Rally Software after working with Aetna as a security, compliance and privacy lead. Previously, he held similar roles with Return Path and has served multiple Fortune 500 clients in a consulting capacity.

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