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    • Security Anthropology: How Do Organizations Differ?
      Security Anthropology: How Do Organizations Differ? Wendy Nather with Duo Security Recorded: Nov 16 2017 5:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    • When planning a go-to-market strategy, it’s common practice to build detailed marketing and sales personas for key security individuals such as the CISO, the IT administrator, the developer, and the end user. Each of these roles has different needs and priorities when considering a security tool, and sales strategy recognizes the need to address each of them. Organizations have different types of business drivers, priorities, constraints, and capabilities as well: for example, an 80-year-old manufacturing company may not care what cute new IoT ideas you might have.

      These organizational personas must be considered when searching out peers for benchmarking. Security decisions made only by looking at other companies in the same industry doesn’t provide enough data, because there are many other variables that come into play. Building a security anthropology model for comparing organizations provides more context to better design products and services to align with their needs, while helping the security community speak the language of the users it’s serving. Join us for a discussion on how we can excavate a better approach with Wendy Nather, Principal Security Strategist at Duo Security.

      Wendy Nather is a former CISO in the public and private sectors, and past Research Director at the Retail ISAC (R-CISC) as well as at the analyst firm 451 Research. She enjoys extreme weather changes while shuttling between Austin and Ann Arbor.

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    • IT Security in the UK & Ireland: 2018 Business Survey
      IT Security in the UK & Ireland: 2018 Business Survey Michael Osterman and John Callon Recorded: Aug 8 2018 8:35 am UTC 40 mins
    • Benchmark your IT organisation’s performance and priorities for web and email security in the UK and Ireland (UKI) against responses from your peers. Michael Osterman, founder and principal analyst at Osterman Research, will share his findings from a just-concluded in-depth survey of IT and security professionals at over 100 small and mid-sized companies and governmental organisations in the UKI with 100 to 3,000 employees.

      Participants in the webinar will come away with a sense of:

      - How many organisations in the region have suffered an infection or security breach in the past year, which threats are most prevalent, and how does this compare to the 2017 survey result?

      - What percentage of IT managers currently prefer on-premises security solutions versus cloud-based security, and what is the trend over time?

      - How do IT security decision-makers and influencers rate their current security solution with respect to 11 different threat scenarios?

      - What percentage of organisations have increased IT security spending during the past 12 months, and by how much?

      - What are the features most sought in evaluating new web and email security solutions, and how do they vary for small and large organisations?

      - What threats are of greatest concern, and how prepared do companies think they are at stopping them?

      - Is inspecting HTTPS traffic for threats now a widespread practice?

      - What kind of countermeasures are needed in an impostor protection solution?

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    • 3 Ways to Make Better Decisions When Managing Cyber Risk
      3 Ways to Make Better Decisions When Managing Cyber Risk Jerry Gamblin, Principal Security Engineer, Kenna Security; Jeff Aboud, Director of Product Marketing, Kenna Security Recorded: Nov 14 2018 6:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Security teams need to make better, faster, data-driven decisions. They are in a constant struggle to outpace their adversaries who are sophisticated and often well-funded.

      Jerry Gamblin has spent almost 20 years fighting cyberthreats at corporations and government agencies, and he’ll be joining us to discuss how to make the best possible decisions in managing cyber risk.

      Join our next webinar: 3 Ways to Make Better Decisions When Managing Cyber Risk on Wednesday, November 14th at 10am PT. Jerry Gamblin, Principal Security Engineer at Kenna Security, and Jeff Aboud, Director of Product Marketing at Kenna Security, will have an informal discussion on:

      · Peer Benchmarking and how security leaders can use industry benchmarks to make more informed, data-driven decisions
      · Application Risk Scoring and its role in delivering more precise application risk metrics throughout the development lifecycle
      · At-a-Glance Visibility and how a centralized dashboard can enable security teams to quickly assess, prioritize, and close vulnerabilities

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    • Cybersecurity Benchmarking For CIOs
      Cybersecurity Benchmarking For CIOs Jake Olcott, Tom Stumpek Recorded: Nov 29 2016 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • In order for a business to be competitive, it must be continuously improving. This is something the modern chief information officer (CIO) knows all too well. Further, technological advances and greater outsourcing in business have made cyber risk a key area that requires a great deal of thought from the CIO. So, how can CIOs know how their security programs are performing in order to make decisions on allocating funding, headcount, and policies?

      Join Jake Olcott. VP of Business Development at BitSight and Tom Stumpek, a Technology Advisor and former CIO for GE. Attendees will learn:

      - Why cybersecurity benchmarking is difficult for the modern CIO.
      - Different methods of benchmarking you may be involved in (or want to consider).
      - How Security Ratings may solve many benchmarking challenges.

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    • Security Lessons from Cybercriminals
      Security Lessons from Cybercriminals Paul Brettle, EMEA HP Security Specialist Manager, HP Enterprise Security Recorded: Jun 12 2013 10:00 am UTC 43 mins
    • Cybercriminals are increasingly banding together, organizing more sophisticated attacks that are more predatory in nature. Cybercrooks’ rapid adoption of new technologies and efficacy in information sharing has trumped traditional static enterprise defenses. In order for organizations to stay protected, they must learn from their adversaries.

      What lessons can we learn from cybercriminals that can be applied to boost an organization’s overall security strategy?

      Paul Brettle, HP’s EMEA Security Specialist Manager, will examine the means and motivations driving cybercriminal behavior and how improvements such as benchmarking can persuade criminals to look elsewhere for targets while helping security professionals develop stronger defenses.

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    • Storage Performance Benchmarking: Workloads
      Storage Performance Benchmarking: Workloads Mark Rogov, Dell EMC, Chris Conniff, Dell EMC, Tim Lustig, Mellanox Recorded: Feb 14 2018 6:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • Benchmarking storage performance is both an art and a science. In this 5th installment of the SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum’s “Storage Performance Benchmarking” series, our experts take on optimizing performance for various workloads. Attendees will gain an understanding of workload profiles and their characteristics for common Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications and learn how to identify application workloads based on I/O profiles to better understand the implications on storage architectures and design patterns. This webcast will cover:
      •An introduction to benchmarking storage performance of workloads
      •Workload characteristics
      •Common Workloads (OLTP, OLAP, VMware, etc.)
      •Graph fun!

      After you watch the webcast, check out the Q&A blog http://bit.ly/2GME6OR

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    • Transforming IT Risk Management With Security Ratings
      Transforming IT Risk Management With Security Ratings Stephen Boyer, BitSight Technologies | Jon Oltsik, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Recorded: Aug 14 2014 5:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • If organizations have learned anything from the high volume of recent breaches, it’s that boards are paying attention to cyber security now more than ever, and they want to know one thing - are we more or less secure than the latest victim?

      Join Jon Oltsik of the Enterprise Strategy Group and Stephen Boyer of BitSight Technologies to learn how businesses are using security ratings to mitigate internal and external security risks while driving better communication of performance metrics with their boards. By allowing executives to measure and compare security performance over time, organizations are improving situational awareness and are able to make risk-based decisions about preparedness, resources, and overall security strategy.

      Attendees of this webinar will learn how:

      - Boards are challenged to understand security performance and why benchmarking key metrics can lead to better communication and transparency
      - Teams are using security metrics to show improvements across their business ecosystem
      - BitSight Security Ratings are generated and are being used by customers today

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