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    • Cybersecurity Challenges, Risks, Trends and Impacts:  Key Survey Insights Cybersecurity Challenges, Risks, Trends and Impacts: Key Survey Insights Julian Dana (Director, Latin America, Mandiant), Chris Leach (Chief Technologist, HPE) Recorded: Jul 21 2016 3:00 pm UTC 59 mins
    • No question about it: Information security—or, more precisely, the lack of it—is firmly on the radar for business and information-technology leaders in organizations of all sizes and in every sector. Many executives and managers fear that their companies are ill-prepared to prevent, detect, and effectively respond to various types of cyber attacks, and a shortage of in-house security expertise remains of widespread concern.

      Those are among the initial findings of the Cybersecurity Challenges, Risks, Trends, and Impacts Survey, conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom in February 2016. Commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprises Security Services and FireEye, join our experts as they discuss this industry survey to uncover:

      •Implications of breach impacts for organizations
      •Benefits of a risk management strategies
      •Current trends in information-security threats

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    • Future of Open Source Survey  2016 Results Future of Open Source Survey 2016 Results Black Duck Software and North Bridge Recorded: Apr 27 2016 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Please join us to learn the results of the 2016 Future of Open Source Survey.

      Today, open source drives technology and development forward. Its adoption worldwide is visible in companies ranging in size from a single employee to companies like Microsoft and Apple. All of these organizations rely on open source to innovate, reduce development costs, and speed time to market. In this evolving market, important questions remain about open source management, security, policies and procedures, and governance.

      The Future of Open Source Survey includes input from new players, established leaders, and influencers across vertical markets and communities. This range of respondents drives broad industry awareness and discussions of key issues.

      Please join these industry influencers as they review the top level results from the survey, and bring your questions.

      Jeffrey Hammond - Forrester Research @jhammond
      Paul Santinelli - North Bridge @paulsantinelli
      Bill Ledingham - Black Duck Software @bill_ledingham
      Jay Jay Billings - Oak Ridge National Laboratory @jayjaybillings

      Follow the conversation on Twitter, using the hashtag #FutureOSS

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    • Customer Contact Center Compensation Survey Success Customer Contact Center Compensation Survey Success Randy Pullen - CEO, Michael Coringrato - Director Survey Design Recorded: May 14 2012 4:15 pm UTC 24 mins
    • Randy Pullen and Michael Coringrato recently visited with CCNG members at the Phoenix, AZ Optimize event to discuss compensation and how to best determine comparative rates for your contact center operation, regardless of location, vertical or size.

      Listen to this webcast and learn how WageWatch can help you compare wages for home-based agents to facility-based agents. Competition for key talent will be at its highest levels since 2008 and your competitors will be giving the largest wage increases in several years. Now is the time to review where your pay practices, incentives, and merit pay ranks in the marketplace. Want to? We have the data that counts for 85 job titles. You’re clicks away from accessing the most comprehensive compensation market research in the industry. WageWatch announces its 2012 Customer Contact Compensation Survey is now open, see WageWatch.com for details.

      For more information on the CCNG Optimize events, webcasts and speaker content, please see - OptimizingCustomerContact.com.

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    • Genere su propio Big Data con Salesforce y SurveyMonkey Genere su propio Big Data con Salesforce y SurveyMonkey Juan Jose Figueroa, Salesforce.com & Farah Zerrouki, Survey Monkey Recorded: Mar 25 2015 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • ¿Sabía que el 90% de los datos que circulan actualmente en el mundo han sido creados sólo en los últimos dos años? Por eso, hoy más que nunca los líderes empresariales se encuentran con grandes volúmenes de datos sobre sus clientes y empleados, pero con el desafío nada sencillo de saber cómo direccionarlos en beneficio del negocio. De hecho, el 85% de las compañías Fortune 500 no sabe cómo hacerlo.

      Obtener mayor claridad y significado en sus datos ahora es más fácil gracias a Survey Monkey para Salesforce. Con esta nueva herramienta podrá combinar las encuestas con sus datos de CRM en un único lugar, consiguiendo un mejor contexto para la interpretación de los diferentes tipos de datos. Gracias a esta integración, podrá mejorar la satisfacción de sus clientes y medir el NPS (Net Promoter Socre), ganando así importantes ventajas competitivas para su empresa.

      Acompáñenos en este seminario web y aprenda cómo una de las funcionalidades más aclamadas por los usuarios de Salesforce –encuestas sencillas, poderosas e integradas– le permitirá:

      Combinar los datos de Salesforce con los resultados de las encuestas para crear su propia base de big data y poder anticiparse a las tendencias del negocio
      Llevar adelante una gran experiencia del cliente a partir de los datos provenientes de Salesforce y SurveyMonkey
      Complementar su base existente de datos con datos explícitos y de valor para conducir las ventas
      Usar los datos combinados para hacer foco en los problemas de servicio antes de que ocurran y así mejorar la satisfacción del cliente

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    • BYOD & Mobile Security: Sneak Peek of LinkedIn Infosec Community Survey BYOD & Mobile Security: Sneak Peek of LinkedIn Infosec Community Survey Chris Merritt, Director of Solution Marketing, Lumension Recorded: Jun 10 2014 7:00 pm UTC 36 mins
    • The days in which an organization owned and issued all devices accessing its network are long gone. Employees are now using their personal mobile devices to store and access corporate data, but many organizations do not have policies or security in place to mitigate BYOD risk.

      We learned in the 2014 State of the Endpoint Survey by Ponemon that 75% of IT professionals saw mobile device protection as the number one challenge for 2014, and 46% admitted they have no security policies in place for mobile devices.

      Since mobile device security is an increasing priority, Lumension sponsored the second BYOD & Mobile Security Survey with the global LinkedIn Information Security group to hear the community’s views and sentiment on this issue. After surveying over 1,000 respondents, the preliminary results are in, and we want to give a sneak peek to share the findings with you!

      Join Chris Merritt, Director of Solution Marketing at Lumension, in this interactive, 30 minute discussion to learn:

      • Your peers’ big concerns on BYOD and mobile security

      • What they are currently doing to combat mobile device risk

      • What solutions & security policies work in organizations

      We look forward to hearing your thoughts and hope to see you there!

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    • Analyst Webcast: Not your Father's IPS: SANS Survey on Network Security Results Analyst Webcast: Not your Father's IPS: SANS Survey on Network Security Results Rob Vandenbrink & Martha Aviles Recorded: Oct 29 2013 4:40 pm UTC 54 mins
    • Changing threats, business processes and technology call for a new look at network security and how it interacts with our intrusion prevention systems. But just what are the next-generation intrusion prevention systems we need to meet those threats, and what do your peers think should be in them?

      Join us for this Webcast, in which we unveil the results of our network security survey, to learn:

      •How you compare with your peers in management support for network security
      •Where you stand in IPS deployment vs. your peers
      •What features your peers would like to see in next generation IPS
      •Which elements, such as firewalls, routers, switches and clients they would like to see as part of a next generation fabric-based IPS.
      Register for this webcast and be among the first to receive access to a complimentary whitepaper on the same subject developed by Rob Vandenbrink.

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    • Gere seu Big Data com a Salesforce e o SurveyMonkey Gere seu Big Data com a Salesforce e o SurveyMonkey Daniele Knust, Salesforce & Ana Paula Castro, Survey Monkey Recorded: Mar 26 2015 2:00 pm UTC 39 mins
    • Você sabia que 90% dos dados que circulam, atualmente, pelo mundo foram criados nos últimos dois anos? Por isso, na atualidade, os líderes empresariais possuem altos volumes de dados sobre seus clientes e funcionários, mas enfrentam o grande desafio de direcioná-los para beneficiar a empresa. Na verdade, 85% das empresas que fazem parte do ranking Fortune 500 não sabem fazer isso.

      Agora ficou mais fácil entender o significado dos seus dados, graças ao SurveyMonkey para Salesforce. Com essa nova ferramenta, você poderá combinar pesquisas com seus dados de CRM no mesmo lugar. Dessa forma, é possível melhorar o contexto para interpretar vários tipos de dados. Essa integração melhora a satisfação dos clientes e permite a medição do NPS (Net Promoter Score), o que traz vantagens competitivas importantes para a sua empresa.

      Participe deste webinar e descubra como um dos recursos preferidos dos usuários da Salesforce – pesquisas simples, avançadas e integradas – permite:

      Combinar os dados da Salesforce com resultados de pesquisas para criar seu próprio banco de big data e analisar as tendências dos negócios;
      Utilizar os dados da Salesforce e do SurveyMonkey para proporcionar uma ótima experiência ao cliente;
      Complementar seu banco de dados existente com dados claros e úteis para conduzir as vendas;
      Usar os dados combinados para prever problemas de serviço antes que eles aconteçam, melhorando a satisfação do cliente.

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    • Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Proven Value and Future Potential Executive Survey on Speech Analytics: Proven Value and Future Potential Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research; Umesh Sachdev, CEO & Co-Founder, Uniphore Recorded: Aug 24 2016 3:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • In a recent survey commissioned by Uniphore, Opus Research asked 500 influential executives in the contact center and customer experience domain about the perceived value of Speech Analytics and to ascertain the impact on plans to procure and deploy such resources in the future.

      With completed interviews of decision-makers (Director, VP, C-level) from firms with revenue of more than U.S. $50 million, the survey respondents included a mix of vertical industries, including: telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, retail, pharmaceuticals, travel & tourism, and commercial banking.

      Join Dan Miller, lead analyst & founder at Opus Research, and Derek Top, director of research with Opus Research, as they unveil the key findings from this exclusive executive survey on speech analytics:

      * Implementation of speech analytics is poised for growth: New, real-time applications create better customer experience
      * Findings attest to maturity of technologies, applications and options: Support of multi-channel support strategies
      * Mix of premises, cloud and “hybrid” architectures
      * Respondents see a bright future: Most expect to increase spending and investment & finding means to build a business case

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    • The 2016 Citrix Performance Management Survey: Results and Analysis The 2016 Citrix Performance Management Survey: Results and Analysis Doug Brown, Founder of DABCC, Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations Upcoming: Nov 9 2016 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Over the last decade, the Citrix portfolio of solutions has dramatically expanded to include Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, XenServer, XenMobile, Sharefile and Workspace Cloud. In addition, Flexwork and telework, BYOD, mobile workspaces, PC refresh alternatives and remote partner access are now common user paradigms that are all supported by Citrix technologies.

      To address this, environments need to be well architected but also well monitored and managed to identify and diagnose problems early on and prevent issues from escalating and impacting end users and business processes. Join us for this webinar where Doug Brown, founder of DABCC, and Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations, discuss the results and implications of the 2nd-annual Citrix Performance Management Survey which was designed to explore the current state of Citrix performance management to help Citrix users better understand current challenges, technology choices and best practices in the Citrix community.

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    • The lessons from the 2016 BCI Cyber Resilience Survey The lessons from the 2016 BCI Cyber Resilience Survey Patrick Alcantara DBCI (The BCI) & Sonny Sehgal (Transputec) Recorded: Jul 21 2016 1:30 pm UTC 60 mins
    • The results of the 2016 Cyber Resilience Survey confirm much of what we already suspected about the changing nature of the cyber threat and the way that cyber criminals have found new ways past corporate perimeter security. The increased difficulty of breaching perimeter security and the increased human resources available to cyber criminals has combined to produce a new point of attack. This is focused on the weakest link in the corporate security chain, which is now human beings rather than technology. The research shows clearly that phishing and social engineering is now the single top cause of cyber disruption, with over 60% of companies reporting being hit by such an incident over the past 12 months.

      In this webinar, we will be looking at some of the findings from the study, and discussing what actions organizations can take to help improve their cyber resilience.

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