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    • Temporary Incapacity Planning for an SMSF - Case Study Webinar Temporary Incapacity Planning for an SMSF - Case Study Webinar Grant Abbott Recorded: Apr 29 2014 3:00 am UTC 62 mins
    • Temporary incapacity – whether it is backed by a sickness or accident policy, funded from an insurance reserve or paid from a member’s superannuation benefits pre-retirement is one of the least understood of SMSF strategies but a vital one for those clients who find themselves in times of short or long term sickness. In this session Grant Abbott, Australia’s leading SMSF author and presenter will take participants through the ins and outs of temporary incapacity planning for a SMSF including how to get tax deductions in the fund for making sickness payments. This is a case study session.

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    • Cyber Risk Readiness – The gap between perception and data Cyber Risk Readiness – The gap between perception and data Humphrey Christian, VP Product Management, Bay Dynamics Recorded: Jan 21 2016 6:00 pm UTC 50 mins
    • Bay Dynamics commissioned a study with Osterman Research to find out how prepared the large retailers were for dealing with cyber risk from hiring large temporary workers. The study revealed some surprising findings including how little organizations knew about their high value systems and the type of access granted to temporary workers. In fact, almost 40% of retailers don’t know which systems their temporary employees access in their organization.

      Please join us on Thursday, January 21, 2016 at 10:00 am PT for a live Bay Dynamics webinar as Humphrey Christian, VP Product Management discusses the findings from this report, and its implications across different verticals. The webinar will highlight best practices to address the report findings and will demonstrate how our Risk Fabric Platform can help build effective cyber risk reduction programs for enterprises.

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    • Take Control of Your First Impression Take Control of Your First Impression Julie Currid, COO of Initiafy, and Sean Fennell, CEO of Initiafy Recorded: Jul 9 2015 3:00 pm UTC 27 mins
    • No matter what you call it, the process of bringing new contractors and temporary employees into your company can be challenging. Nowadays, the most inspirational companies use technology to care for and manage their contingency workforce so that everyone feels engaged and has an impact on productivity.

      Contractors and temporary employees may spend much shorter periods of time on your workforce.They may have different skill sets and be carrying out different work.They may even work on different locations to your direct employees. But they still need to be on-boarded in a way which keeps them safe and gets them productive in a timely manner.

      This presentation will bring you through the steps you should take when planning your initiation process for contractors and temporary employees.

      It advises you on your obligations as well as the kind of information you may wish to impart.

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    • Solving SQL Server Challenges at TaxSlayer with Tegile Flash Storage Solving SQL Server Challenges at TaxSlayer with Tegile Flash Storage Sumeet Bansal, Tegile & Michael Blache, TaxSlayer Recorded: Mar 3 2016 10:30 pm UTC 64 mins
    • A new year has started, and the countdown has begun for millions of people to file their taxes. As more people prepare their taxes online, there’s a tremendous opportunity for online tax preparation companies to grow their business, but only if they can keep up with traffic. TaxSlayer is currently the fourth largest online tax preparation company in the US, and it’s on a path of rapid expansion. In order to achieve this goal, the company needs to be sure its complex infrastructure can handle an onslaught of millions of people logging online.

      In this webinar, Sumeet Bansal, Senior Solutions Architect of Databases at Tegile, sits down with Michael Blache, Chief Information Security Officer of TaxSlayer, to discuss how Tegile flash storage solutions helped TaxSlayer overcome their infrastructure challenges.

      What you’ll learn:

      -How to identify and isolate bottlenecks within your IT infrastructure

      -How technologies like virtualization and the cloud can help you meet the demand of temporary spikes in traffic

      -How to select and optimize your data storage for peak traffic

      -How to modernize your Microsoft SQL Server database platform to prepare for company growth

      Join Tegile and TaxSlayer to see how a change to TaxSlayer’s IT infrastructure has helped them grow their business. Stick around to hear Michael’s plans for the future of TaxSlayer’s infrastructure, and how Tegile will help make them possible.

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    • The Use of 4G LTE as an Enterprise WAN The Use of 4G LTE as an Enterprise WAN Ken Hosac, VP of Business Development, Cradlepoint Recorded: Jul 14 2015 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Managing the networks of widely dispersed locations and remote fleets takes real-time, centralized intelligence. Today, wireless broadband WAN connectivity is pervasive across North America and is the wave of the future. Enterprises are increasingly using 4G LTE to complement and in some cases replace MPLS, Cable, DSL, and other means of traditional wired WAN networking at a fraction of the cost.

      4G LTE as an Enterprise WAN coupled with next generation cloud management securely delivers that intelligent networking to enable distributed enterprises quick deployments, increase reliability, and reduces the costs of managing networks at the Edge.

      Join us for this webinar to learn case studies for using 4G LTE as an enterprise WAN, risk mitigation of offloading apps to separate Parallel Networks, how to implement customer analytics and engagement without jeopardizing PCI compliance, and the following ROIs of:

       Downtime reduction through redundancy

       T1 replacement using wired + wireless

       “Day-1” Internet for new or temporary locations

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