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    • Understanding Your Attack Surface and Detecting & Mitigating External Threats
      Understanding Your Attack Surface and Detecting & Mitigating External Threats Ulf Mattsson, CTO Atlantic BT. David Morris, Pioneer in Cybersecurity, Benjamin Powell, Technical Manager at RiskIQ Upcoming: Sep 20 2017 4:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Organizations have spent massive amounts of money to protect the perimeter of their networks, but if your business exists on the internet, there really is no perimeter. In this presentation, we'll discuss Digital Footprints in understanding your company’s external attack surface. We will discuss social, mobile, web attacks and analyze and review lessons learned recently publicized attacks (Polish banking institutions, Apache Struts Vulnerability or WannaCry ransomware. The speed of business and cybercrime isn't slowing down, so how can you be prepared to address and defend against these types of threats? Attend our session to find out how.
      Reducing Your Digital Attack Surface and Mitigating External Threats - What, Why, How:
      What is a Digital Footprint?
      Breakdown of External Threats (Social, Mobile, Web)
      What are blended attacks?
      What is actually being targeting at your company?
      How are your brands, customers, and employees being attack outside of your company?
      How to become proactive in threat monitoring on the internet?
      Considerations in External Threat solutions
      Threat correspondence tracking considerations
      Is legal cease and desist letters adequate in stopping attacks?
      Examination of a phishing attack campaign
      How phishing kits work
      Analysis and lesson learned from recent published attacks
      What are the most important capability in a digital risk monitoring solution?

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    • Sécurité web et protection contre les menaces
      Sécurité web et protection contre les menaces Hervé Doreau, Directeur Technique, Symantec France Recorded: Sep 18 2017 12:00 pm UTC 22 mins
    • Pour les entreprises, le web est à la fois essentiel et dangereux. Comme de plus en plus de collaborateurs sont mobiles et que les outils migrent dans le cloud, la dépendance et les risques vont continuer à augmenter. Vous avez donc besoin de visibilité sur tout le trafic web, afin de protéger votre activité des menaces web.

      Les passerelles de sécurité web (Secure Web Gateway) peuvent vous apporter la visibilité et le contrôle dont vous avez besoin pour limiter les risques. Elles prennent le relai des firewalls next-generation (NGFWs), fournissant la terminaison Layer 7 et une inspection en profondeur du trafic web (port 80 and 443) afin de découvrir et se protéger des attaques de plus en plus sophistiquées.

      Lors de ce webcast, découvrez les avantages d'une architecture proxy pour vous founir un niveau de sécurité et de protection incomparables pour vos utilisateurs sur site et à distance, vos applications cloud et terminaux mobiles.

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    • Win and Wow Customers – 6 Best Practices for Onboarding in Banking and Insurance
      Win and Wow Customers – 6 Best Practices for Onboarding in Banking and Insurance Sheryl Kingstone-451 Research, Jim Marous-Financial Brand, and Sarah Johnson-Kofax Upcoming: Sep 21 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Banks, credit unions and insurance companies may have differing business models, but they all have a common goal: better conversion and retention rates.

      Fortunately, better customer onboarding usually translates to better conversion and retention. For this reason, organizations continue to invest in digital technologies to streamline operations and eliminate time-consuming online interactions in areas such as new account opening, loan origination and policy applications.

      Those first information-intensive interactions, of course, are the most critical: you usually only get once chance to win a new customer’s business. But winning is only part of the equation. What if you could win—and wow—customers from those first moments and keep them engaged throughout the onboarding process?

      Mark your calendars for this upcoming webinar, where industry experts will share six best practices to help your organization win and wow customers:

      • Easy—Enable instant image and data capture via web and mobile technology
      • Accurate—Extract data from pictures of physical documents without error-prone manual entry
      • Automated—Invest in workflow tools to automate and track completion of process steps
      • Visible—Empower staff and customers with process transparency and timely communication
      • Consistent—Ensure data is complete and integrated across internal systems
      • Efficient—Meet expectations for speed, while effectively managing regulatory risks

      Speakers will include:
      •Sheryl Kingstone, Director, 451 Research
      •Sarah Johnson, Industry Solutions Architect, Kofax
      •Jim Marous, Owner and Publisher, Digital Banking Report

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    • Major Trends Shaping the Mobile Banking Industry
      Major Trends Shaping the Mobile Banking Industry Katharina Lueth (Raisin), Rashee Pandey (Contis Group), Rich Wagner (APS Group) Upcoming: Sep 20 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • The use of mobile banking apps has doubled in 2 years. How can banks and fintechs capitalise on this and where what are the cool new innovations we can count on seeing next?

      Join this session where the panel will discuss:

      -The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is just around the corner. How will this change the banking landscape?

      -What kind of exciting solutions will appear in the next years?

      -What are the most exciting apps/new functionalities that you have seen/expect to come out of PSD2?

      -What are some of the most important customer benefits/use cases you see emerging – apart from a better user experience?

      -How will mobile banking and personal finance apps change user behaviour? Will approaches such as gamification have a lasting effect on the spending habits/financial literacy of future generations?

      -In the past 24 months a considerable number of challenger banks received a banking license from their local regulators. How will these banks change the game for their competitors

      -Millennials are at the moment the main target group of challenger banks. Will those new banks be able to successfully acquire a broader customer group?

      -What are the major trends that will shape the mobile banking industry in the next 3 to 5 years? API? AI?

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    • Career Management Culture: The Importance of Building One, and the Cost of Not.
      Career Management Culture: The Importance of Building One, and the Cost of Not. John F. Sinclair + Colleen Neil-Dal Bello, Right Management Upcoming: Sep 21 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Lunch+Learn Webinar Series -

      As competition for talent continues to grow increasingly fierce and voluntary turnover rates are on the rise, a new reality has recently emerged in the mindset of the modern workforce: Career Management is extremely important to individuals and is gaining importance as a key deciding factor of whether talent will stay—or leave—an organization.

      Employees now expect employers to provide them with opportunities to help develop their careers. And they will seek it from other organizations if their current employer does not meet this need effectively.

      Right Management recently conducted research on the importance of career and uncovered that CAREER is increasing as the primary driver of employee retention and engagement.

      Join us as Colleen Neil-Dal Bello and John Sinclair from Right Management share research and best practices regarding:

      +The shift from “Job for life” to “Career for me”
      +Tying career management to strategic business objectives
      +Building a culture of career management
      +Benefits such as strengthening employment brand, attracting and retaining key talent, building strong leadership pipelines, and increasing employee engagement

      The world of career management is changing. Is your organization ready?

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    • Understanding Alternative Financing Options for Business Owners
      Understanding Alternative Financing Options for Business Owners Jason Bishop Upcoming: Sep 21 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Over the past decade, the lending landscape has been flooded with new companies offering a variety of alternative financing options to small business owners. These options have helped businesses to expand or get through slow periods that would have otherwise put their businesses in danger of closing. However, there is also no shortage of stories where businesses were negatively affected by taking on one of these types of financing options. We understand how overwhelming acquiring funding for your business can be, and how confusing all of these options can be. As a direct lender, we want you to be able to make an informed decision before you decide on any type of financing for your business.

      During this presentation, we will help you:

      - Understand the alternative lending landscape with a focus on merchant cash advances, factoring, equipment leasing, and short term loans

      - Determine how to choose between working with a broker or a direct lender

      - How to resist pressure from unscrupulous brokers/lenders

      - Understand the concept stacking and how it could affect your business health

      - How to evaluate these alternative financing options that are significantly different from conventional loans

      - Decide if, when, and how you should take a one of these financing options

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    • Implement a Container Orchestration Platform
      Implement a Container Orchestration Platform Srihari Angaluri – Lead Architect, Lenovo ThinkAgile Solutions Recorded: Sep 19 2017 3:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • DevOps is streamlining the delivery of applications in the Enterprise. Container technology is transforming the packaging of these applications. Together, true agility is achieved. Red Hat OpenShift and VMware Integrated Container platforms are changing cloud services, and Lenovo works closely with both to maximize container execution.

      Container technology is maturing as a way to quickly package and deploy application workloads without the need for re-purposing hardware or operating systems. Containers enable a self-sufficient runtime environment that is light weight compared to a full blown operating system or virtual machine. In addition, containers provide a way to securely compartmentalize applications and to run them side-by-side on the same machine for efficient resource utilization. In this session, we will describe how enterprises can take advantage of container technology with an integrated hardware infrastructure solution from Lenovo.

      Join this webinar to learn how Lenovo helps you scale your micro services, synergizes total management, and transforms your containerized applications, infrastructure, and processes.

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    • AQUA: a departmental quality-management system for radiation-therapy equipment
      AQUA: a departmental quality-management system for radiation-therapy equipment Daniel Letourneau, Associate Head of Medical Physics, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Upcoming: Sep 21 2017 2:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • The quality control (QC) of radiation-therapy (RT) treatment units is essential to deliver safe and effective radiation-therapy treatments. The complexity of the equipment and treatment techniques demands that many different tests be performed with varying frequencies, making the management of an RT department’s QC programme a complex and time-consuming task. Many professionals such as therapists, service engineers and physicists are working in collaboration to meet the machine QC requirements.

      AQUA is a departmental quality-management software that centralizes all of the machine QC activities, helping to manage the complexity of quality-assurance requirements in a radiation-therapy department. AQUA is a server-based application that can be accessed throughout a RT department using a web browser. It uses a centralized database to consolidate all QC tests, procedures and results in one location and offers a workflow manager to guide the users in their day-to-day QC tasks. QC tests in AQUA can easily be created or customized using a XML-based scripting language. Integration between AQUA and the Elekta linear accelerators and other measurement devices (such as MV flat panels, electrometers and 2D arrays) using a built-in software interface has been implemented to automate time-consuming tasks. Finally, review tools such as near-real-time dashboard, plotting tool and reports are available in AQUA to streamline machine-performance assessment.

      In this presentation, we will review some of the main AQUA features such as the workflow manager, QC test scripting language, and the dashboard for performance and compliance review. We will also describe test automation for some QC tasks and review the impact on QC workflows and test frequency. We will then discuss the impact of efficient review tools on the ability to detect change in machine performance and to guide servicing decisions. Finally, we will review new features in the up-coming version of the software.

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