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    • easyJet’s Journey to Protect Their Booking Engine from Unwanted Traffic
      easyJet’s Journey to Protect Their Booking Engine from Unwanted Traffic Sean O'Neill, Editor in Chief & Moderator Tnooz, Gene Quinn, Co-Founder & Producer Tnooz Recorded: Dec 28 2016 4:40 pm UTC 41 mins
    • Did you know 30% of travel industry website visitors are unsavory competitors, hackers, spammers, and fraudsters?

      Worse yet, unwanted traffic from web-scraping bots can negatively impact revenue management targets and yields across multiple distribution channels. Join Anthony Drury, Director, Head of Business, at easyJet, as he takes you through his strategy to ensure easyJet customers -- wherever they are booking -- get price and availability content through approved API channels. The approach of easyJet ensures that all bookings are screened for fraudulent activity and blocks are added to restrict screen scraping.

      Watch the reply to learn how to:

      - Eliminate the cascading negative effects of screen-scraping bots
      - Optimize revenue while simultaneously improving the customer experience
      - Strengthen travel industry partnerships by creating a level playing field
      - Improve website KPIs like look-to-book ratios, SEO page rank, cross-selling/up-selling, site speed and conversion rates

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    • The Security Risks of Orphaned Network Traffic
      The Security Risks of Orphaned Network Traffic João Gouveia, CTO, AnubisNetworks Recorded: Aug 10 2016 3:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • As part of our research work focused on identifying automated network traffic that we can relate with malicious behavior and botnet communications, we often come across with traffic not necessarily related to malicious intent, but that represents a high risk for the companies allowing it to occur on their networks.

      Often associated with abandoned ware, policy control failures, or miss configurations, these traffic patterns end up exposing company information and assets to multiple risk levels.

      On this webinar, we are going to explore this byproduct of our botnet research, how widespread this problem is, how we can use this to relay risk information to companies, and the several degrees of exposure and impact that this type of traffic can represent.

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    • Using the F5 LTM to balance application traffic with Rackspace Private Cloud
      Using the F5 LTM to balance application traffic with Rackspace Private Cloud James Denton Recorded: Oct 29 2014 3:00 pm UTC 22 mins
    • Interested in learning how to leverage your F5 Local Traffic Manager (LTM) to balance application traffic within a Rackspace Private Cloud environment? Come learn some load balancing fundamentals as well as basic F5 tasks such as creating pools and virtual servers. Advanced topics such as session persistence and SSL offloading with also be covered. This session lays the groundwork for more advanced F5 LTM usage in the future.

      Register now to reserve your spot and to submit questions during the event.

      James Denton

      Rackspace Private Cloud Network Archtiect – An IT professional for over 14 years with extensive experience in application networking technologies and OpenStack networking., James now specializes in OpenStack for Rackspace in San Antonio, Texas, and is a Network Architect for the Rackspace Private Cloud team. James recently published a book “Learning OpenStack Networking (Neutron)” available on Amazon here: http://bit.ly/learnOSNeutron

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    • Breach Prevention Week: Use Automation to Prevent Evasive Threats and C2 Traffic
      Breach Prevention Week: Use Automation to Prevent Evasive Threats and C2 Traffic Scott Simkin, Sr. Manager Threat Intelligence at Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Jun 21 2017 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • Turn Raw Threat Intelligence Into Context and Action

      Attackers don’t stand still; your defenses shouldn’t either. See how multi-method threat prevention can be used to detect and prevent the most evasive threats and command-and-control traffic, and open up any source of threat intelligence to be used for automated prevention. These capabilities drive up the cost of successful data breaches for attackers, making their efforts too expensive to consider.

      You will learn more about:

      •How an evasion-resistant analysis environment defeats whole classes of VM evasion techniques.
      •Threat prevention capabilities that automate the blocking of command-and-control traffic in a way that previously required teams of signature writers.
      •How to enable security teams to gain leverage from any source of threat intelligence and drive automated prevention.

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    • Death to Traffic: How Smart Cities are Changing Transportation
      Death to Traffic: How Smart Cities are Changing Transportation Laura Schewel, CEO, StreetLight Data Recorded: Jun 23 2017 9:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • From automated vehicles to ride hailing apps, transportation as we know it is changing - and fast. But new technologies alone won't help communities build the efficient, equitable, and sustainable transportation networks communities want. In fact, these innovative technologies could do just the opposite, especially if they are not deployed wisely. Cities must collect the right data and enact the right policies to ensure they do not exacerbate problems like inequity and traffic, and to hold themselves accountable to the promise of new mobility technologies.

      In this webinar, you will find out why - and how - the smartest cities of tomorrow will be those that adopt data-driven transportation strategies today. Join for Laura Schewel's presentation to gain insights into:

      • Why the status quo for transportation data collection is no longer good enough
      • The types of Massive Mobile Data that are useful for transportation and urban planning
      • Algorithmic processing techniques that are critical for making this data useful
      • Case studies from California and Virginia that demonstrate why Massive Mobile Data drives more effective transportation planning
      • A forward-looking blueprint for using Massive Mobile Data to maximize the potential benefits of new transportation technologies - and minimize negative impacts

      Laura Schewel founded StreetLight Data, a mobility analytics provider, after spending more than a decade as an advanced transportation researcher and statistician at the Rocky Mountain Institute and FERC. She has particular expertise in transportation systems, sustainability and safety, and vehicle/system modeling and analysis.

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