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    • User Anti-Phishing Training: How to Build a Successful Program
      User Anti-Phishing Training: How to Build a Successful Program Diana Garcia, Customer Onboarding and Training Manager, PhishMe Recorded: Sep 30 2015 5:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • As spear phishing continues to be one of the top security threats, enterprises have looked to user training programs to bolster their defenses. One of the main challenges security awareness professionals face is implementing a phishing training program which shows continuous improvement and value to their organization. How do you start and build upon a training program to showcase continuous success?

      The key to implementing an effective program is to focus on the biggest threats and leverage behavioral metrics to drive your program. During this webinar, Diana Garcia, Manager, Customer Onboarding and Training, will cover:

      -How do you implement a phishing awareness program and run it continuously?
      -What are the key elements of a successful program and what does it look like?
      -How do you show the value this program and your trained users add to the security organization?

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    • The Future Qualified Employee: Developing a Hands-On Security Training Program
      The Future Qualified Employee: Developing a Hands-On Security Training Program Ryan Corey, Cybrary Co-Founder Recorded: Apr 18 2017 5:00 pm UTC 33 mins
    • The enterprise landscape is constantly changing. Business leaders need employees who can remain up-to-date with the current technologies and continually develop their practical security skills. But what does the future qualified employee really look like? And is this a realistic expectation for companies?
      55% of employers believe hands-on experience is the most important factor for qualified employees.
      Getting employees training in a cost-effective way and validating their training is part of the problem. That changes now.
      Join Cybrary Co- Founder Ryan Corey as he provides some insight into the future of security training and demonstrates the capabilities of Cybrary’s New Enterprise Training Management and Skill Assessment platform, Teams.
      In this 30-minute interactive webinar, you’ll learn:
      •The training challenges faced by security teams
      •How Cybrary Teams can address these challenges and the capabilities of the platform
      •Why a hands-on, personalized learning approach is the solution
      •How to develop a hands-on training program for your organization
      •How to utilize training assessments to ensure team members are meeting your organization's requirements
      Attend to receive a Teams discount code and free Cybrary t-shirt.

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    • The Case for Security Awareness Training
      The Case for Security Awareness Training Stu Sjouwerman, Founder and CEO of KnowBe4 Recorded: Nov 8 2016 5:15 pm UTC 30 mins
    • Ask a security expert what the most vulnerable cog in the security wheel is and they will tell you it is the user. A company with the most detailed policies and procedures and best-in-class security hardware and software is still vulnerable if a user decides to take an action potentially compromises data, such as copying a confidential file to a thumb drive to work on it at home, opening a spearphishing email and clicking on the attachment, or deciding to check out their favorite YouTube channel from a workstation attached to the corporate network.

      This 20/20 webcast looks at necessity for on-going security awareness training, how it can be incorporated into the workday, and the kinds of user activities that can be changed through such training.

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    • Learn: SANS CyberTalent Women's Immersion Academy (Cybersecurity Training)
      Learn: SANS CyberTalent Women's Immersion Academy (Cybersecurity Training) Sonny Sandelius, SANS CyberTalent Division Recorded: Mar 27 2017 9:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • Join the SANS Institute and WSC for an insightful presentation about the SANS CyberTalent Women’s Immersion Academy. This academy is designed to help qualified women receive training and certifications to quickly and effectively launch careers in cybersecurity. The Immersion Academy is an intensive, accelerated program designed for completion in six to eight months, depending upon program selected. The program is at NO COST to the selected women who attend and includes training and certification.

      Applications are due by April 5th, 2017.

      Come listen to learn:
      • What the selection process includes and important application tips
      • Understand what kind of training is provided (length and format)
      • Hear from a recent graduate who will share her experience
      • How this training academy and related certifications can help your career

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    • Free CISSP Training Class
      Free CISSP Training Class Cyber Management Alliance Recorded: Jun 23 2016 11:05 am UTC 98 mins
    • Free to view CISSP Identity and Access Management training. Learn from our CISSP expert trainer and practitioner, watch how he breaks everything down into easy to understand sections. This video covers

      Identity and Access Management (Controlling Access and Managing Identity)
      Physical and logical assets control
      Identification and authentication of people and devices
      Identity as a service (e.g. cloud identity)
      Third-party identity services (e.g. on-premise)
      Access control attacks
      Identity and access provisioning lifecycle (e.g. provisioning review)
      The CISSP candidate must have at least 5 years of paid full-time experience in 2 or more of the above (ISC)² CISSP CBK® domains to be recognised as a full CISSP. Those candidates with less than 5 years experience will be able to become CISSP Associates upon passing the exam. Candidates may receive a one year experience waiver with a 4-year college degree, or regional equivalent or additional credential from the (ISC)² approved list, thus requiring four years of direct full-time professional security work experience.

      What if I don't have the required experience?
      If you don't have the experience you can become an Associate of (ISC)² by successfully passing the CISSP exam. You'll then have 6 years to earn your experience to become a CISSP.

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    • Human Capital and Training Solutions: Pathways to High Performance
      Human Capital and Training Solutions: Pathways to High Performance OPM HR Solutions Recorded: Dec 8 2016 7:00 pm UTC 57 mins
    • The Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) contracts are new government-wide contract vehicles for customized human capital strategy, training and development and organizational performance improvement services. HCaTS is first-of-its-kind interagency partnership between OPM's HR Solutions, Training and Management Assistance (TMA) Program, the General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service ( GSA FAS).

      HCaTS features broad Human Capital Management scope, flexible contracting options - including an agency direct purchasing option through a delegated procurement authority - and access to more than 100 of the most sought-after private sector firms in federal human capital management and talent development.

      Join us to learn how our panelists are looking forward to addressing their human capital challenges and how HCaTS may address their needs. Learn how this unique contract works and why it can help you meet your agency's needs.

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    • BPMN Camp - Free Virtual Training
      BPMN Camp - Free Virtual Training Barry Valentine Recorded: Mar 26 2015 5:00 pm UTC 136 mins
    • Welcome to Bonitasoft’s highly successful BPM Camp!

      It offers a great opportunity to learn about process modeling with Bonita BPM in accordance with the BPMN 2 standard.

      You'll need to download and install Bonita BPM 6.5:

      You will:
      • Understand the differences and relationships among Business Process Management (BPM), BPMN 2.0 standard and Business Process Management Suites/Solutions (BPMSs)

      • Learn to use Bonita BPM through examples and exercises

      • Discover tips and good practices for process modeling

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    • It's Gotta Stop - Anti-harassment Training
      It's Gotta Stop - Anti-harassment Training Lori Kleiman Author and Managing Facilitator, HR Topics Recorded: May 20 2016 12:50 pm UTC 54 mins
    • Who has time to gather employees for an hour of Anti-harassment training? But the web based program you used last year just didn’t do the trick. It’s imperative that you send the message to employees and managers that this isn’t HR’s problem – a poor work environment is one that everyone is responsible for. While reviewing compliance is covered – introducing pop culture and interactive exercises is what will make this an experience for your team that will change behavior. Various delivery styles will be explored so that you can create a program that works with your culture and still meets your legal obligations.

      Participants will be able to…

      *Outline the legal components of Anti-harassment and discrimination training *Identify games, videos and resources to incorporate into the training
      *Review options for delivery including presentation, webinar and self study
      *Evaluate their current program and delivery to identify room for improvement

      Use our tried and true program to be sure that compliance needs are met and employee behavior changes at the same time!

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    • Inside Sales Training, Development & Accreditation
      Inside Sales Training, Development & Accreditation Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman, AA-ISP & Dionne Mischler, Director of Sales, HireRight & Bruce Lewolt, Founder, BrainX Recorded: Aug 14 2014 6:00 pm UTC 63 mins
    • The AA-ISP 2014 Top Challenges Report revealed training and development as the #1 issue facing today's Inside Sales leaders and reps.

      Please join us on Thursday, August 14th at 2:00PM EST as Bob Perkins, Founder & Chairman of AA-ISP, and Dionne Mischler, Director of Sales at HireRight & AA-ISP 2014 Chapter President of the Year explore the detailed research around this huge training gap along with the AA-ISP administered accreditation programs designed to address these challenges.

      Topics Include:

      View detailed research around the Top Challenges Report including the training and development gap. More importantly learn what today's top performing Inside Sales organizations are doing to overcome these challenges.
      Understand the emerging requirements for today's virtual selling reps. Why they have risen and how the explosion of new Inside Sales jobs has made this challenge a #1 priority.
      Join a discussion of how the CISP® (Certified Inside Sales Professional) and AISM™ (Accredited Inside Sales Manager) will help raise the level professionalism and performance of virtual selling reps and their leaders.

      If you are an Inside or Field Sales Representative, Manager, Director, VP of Sales, or in Sales Operations or Training, you will benefit from this informative, research based discussion.

      All registrants will receive a complimentary copy of the 2014 Top Challenges Report.

      This webinar is hosted by the AA-ISP.

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    • Meet Content Science Academy: A New Content Training Experience
      Meet Content Science Academy: A New Content Training Experience Colleen Jones, CEO, Content Science Upcoming: Jun 6 2017 5:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • Want to grow your content career? Lead a content team and would like to empower them with up-to-date knowledge and skills? Wish there was an easier way to start a center of content excellence? Learn about a new option to address those needs, Content Science Academy, in this interactive webinar.

      Join me, Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and my guest, Colleen Jones, CEO of content intelligence + strategy firm, Content Science, for a review of the Content Science Academy. Attendees will:

      * learn what Content Science Academy and its purpose are
      * get introduced to topics covered now
      * have the chance to express opinions about upcoming topics
      * learn how to use Content Science Academy as an individual or an enterprise
      * obtain a code for a 25% discount on a course or certification


      As CEO of the content intelligence + strategy firm Content Science and a Star Wars fan, Colleen Jones regularly advises top organizations on becoming Jedi Masters of content. Colleen spearheaded the development of ContentWRX, a software service that has collected more than 70,000 data sets to assess content effectiveness. Colleen wrote the cornerstone content book "Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content" and speaks at conferences and client events around the world.

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    • How to Ensure Your Sales Training Actually Increases Your Sales Productivity
      How to Ensure Your Sales Training Actually Increases Your Sales Productivity Deb Calvert, President, People First Productivity Solutions Recorded: May 14 2014 2:00 pm UTC 49 mins
    • Did you know that ALL sales training has an impact on sales productivity? Yep, all training, no matter how much (or how little) time it takes will affect sales productivity. All training, regardless of quality, will also have some impact on sales productivity.

      The problem is... All sales training has a negative impact on sales productivity, at least initially. After all, you're taking sellers out of the field and that alone reduces their sales productivity. Then you've got to factor in the learning curve and the natural struggle that goes along with learning.

      What that means is that sales training is inherently risky! You've got to do a little planning in order to make sure this downturn will rebound as quickly as possible and generate the increase in sales productivity, the ROI, you were hoping to get. Learn the steps you need to take in this webinar conducted by a former sales manager and corporate sales trainer in a Fortune 500 company so you'll never make the mistakes that reduce sales productivity after training.

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