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    • Almac Group Leverages Scriptless Test Automation to Improve Application Quality
      Almac Group Leverages Scriptless Test Automation to Improve Application Quality Shauna Quinn, Almac, Becky Karch, TurnKey Recorded: Nov 18 2015 5:10 pm UTC 59 mins
    • Pharmaceutical companies play an ever increasing role in the treatment and prevention of illnesses. Many leading Pharma companies depend on third-party organizations, like the Almac Group, to help conduct testing, research and trials to improve the overall drug development process.

      Almac is a global leader in contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services, and recently deployed scriptless test automation to improve its core business application testing in support of its overall business agility goals.

      This session will focus on how Almac and TurnKey Solutions partnered to successfully shorten test cycles and improve test outcomes - supporting more rapid deployment cycles for core applications and end-to-end business critical processes.

      Shauna Quinn, Software Test Manager for Almac, will share recent results and 4 lessons learned in Almac’s implementation of scriptless test automation, including:

      How to build a better alternative to manual testing methods, which for Almac, previously took 20 people and 12 weeks to run
      How to streamline operations and shrink testing cycles from multiple weeks to only 3-4 days
      How automation helped to quickly and easily validate core business systems using a comprehensive regression suite
      How this intuitive software provided a solid testing strategy moving forward

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    • 5 Steps to More Effective QA Automation in a DevOps Environment
      5 Steps to More Effective QA Automation in a DevOps Environment Daniel Gannon, Jamie Kurt, Turnkey Recorded: Feb 25 2016 4:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • DevOps, and its predecessor Agile development, provide a gateway to the best practice of “find and fix early.” However, allocating sufficient time and resources to thoroughly test your enterprise applications is a continual challenge – given the frequency and volume of change. With resource constraints and the limitations of today’s existing tools, many business-critical applications go minimally tested while the quality of these applications is fundamental to the business’ success.

      In this session we’ll discuss 5 key strategies for improving QA and Delivery within a DevOps environment. Learn how to leverage advanced data-driven testing to dynamically validate your applications, while allowing you to easily and rapidly create and maintain your functional tests.

      We’ll cover in-depth the features and integration of scriptless test automation to enable:

      Broad Usability – reduce the time it takes to create and maintain tests, simplifying test development for the entire DevOps team
      Reusability – build a growing library of test assets that can be leveraged by all users, to support multiple applications and end-to-end tests
      Simplified Test Maintenance – easily detect changes with each new software iteration, and update tests automatically to ensure minimal delays in the DevOps process
      Data-Driven – run multiple data sets against the same test and increase test coverage and agility

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    • Developing a Comprehensive Test Automation QA Strategy with Quantifiable Results
      Developing a Comprehensive Test Automation QA Strategy with Quantifiable Results Becky Karch, TurnKey Solutions Recorded: Aug 11 2015 4:00 pm UTC 74 mins
    • Few organizations have effectively leveraged test automation to its fullest potential. This is often due to the fact that many of the available QA tools aren’t designed to offer the breadth of coverage needed or the flexibility to keep pace with dynamic changes in business applications. Additionally, recognizing and monetizing the value of automation has often been difficult due to the lack of consistent, quantifiable methods.

      In this webinar, we will share ways in which to build a more responsive, scriptless test automation framework within your current ALM strategy and how to measure its value, continuously across your business.

      In this session, we will discuss:
      •How to assess your current state of test automation readiness
      •How to develop a plan that will optimize test automation, people and processes
      •How a data-driven, scriptless test technology can benefit any sized organization
      •How to develop and maintain high levels of regression testing needed, using dynamic automated methods
      •How to leverage the best mix of tools and methods to accelerate success
      •How to quantify the value of automation for your business

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    • Smart Lifecycle Management for SAP
      Smart Lifecycle Management for SAP Brad Kallaway, TurnKey, David Pickrell, Intellicorp Recorded: Apr 21 2015 6:10 pm UTC 66 mins
    • Improving application quality and minimizing business risk is made all the more challenging by the continuous stream of support packs, enhancement packs, and custom transports needed to align SAP applications with the growing demands of the business. These changes require a constant need to test. Unfortunately, your testing resources don’t increase at the same rate, hence the need to find new ways to test smarter and ultimately, do more with less.

      Join us for an informative webinar where we will share how impact-based analysis and scriptless testing work together to provide a more intelligent, dynamic approach to SAP testing. We will review how next-generation technology can be used to help you:
      Accelerate Testing - using pre-built content and pre-built test cases to start testing your critical business processes sooner.
      Test across the enterprise - support your SAP applications as well as legacy, packaged and custom solutions; leveraging one platform, one process.
      Automatically detect changes to your SAP systems – identify which effected business processes are most "at risk”; and quickly update test sets for improved test coverage.
      Reduce test maintenance - Save up to 80 percent of your time and costs with intelligent auto-maintenance features.

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    • Manage Data Deluge with Turnkey Storage & Infinite Scalability
      Manage Data Deluge with Turnkey Storage & Infinite Scalability Vince Curella, Intel | Don Frame, Lenovo | Paul Turner, Cloudian Recorded: Oct 15 2015 4:00 pm UTC 44 mins
    • Join Vince Curella, Intel North American Service Providers Technical Sales Manger, Don Frame, Lenovo North America's Director of Enterprise Systems Group Brand Management, and Paul Turner, Cloudian CMO and Technology Evangelist, on October 15th as they introduce new “turnkey” pre-certified storage appliances that take the guess work out of configuring the right server/storage combination. The combined Intel, Lenovo, and Cloudian turnkey system solves data deluge management challenges by speeding up deployment times and mitigating the risk of application downtime or performance problems that can occur from misconfigured systems.

      Intel, Lenovo, and Cloudian are revolutionizing leading-edge petabyte scale computing for enterprise and STaaS customers—now they do it together—with modern solutions that offer scale out architecture, hybrid cloud tiering, S3 compatibility, and multi-data center multi-tenancy features.

      Webinar discussion topics will include:
      •Simplifying backup and archival for big data
      •Enabling in-place smart data analytics
      •Centralize and control remote office backup
      •Scale out architecture to handle large cloud deployments
      •S3 compatibility to enable a private and public cloud environments
      •Enterprise file synchronization and sharing for the Internet of Everything

      ***Webinar starts at 9am PDT | 11am CDT | Noon EDT***

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    • HR Performance Metrics & Earning that Seat at the Executive Table
      HR Performance Metrics & Earning that Seat at the Executive Table Anisa Aven, CEO of TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions with Sri Chellappa, President of Engagedly Recorded: Jan 18 2017 6:30 pm UTC 30 mins
    • What it really means to be a strategic HR leader.

      HR leaders who want a seat at the executive ​"​strategy planning​"​ table need to become Human Resources critical thinkers who align their people plans (HR strategy) with the strategic goals and profitability of the company. (Look at any HR discussion forum, and you’ll find some version of this question: How can HR get a “seat at the table” and become a strategic business partner?) But most HR leaders find themselves occupied in a problem-solving role as employee reactionaries; "we need a new hire"... "we need disciplinary help" "We have a problem employee"... "We need our managers to get training on the new compliance laws." Far too often, people-pleasing HR leaders fail to cultivate the mindset necessary for creating strategy that adds value to the overall organizational success. This not only stems from traditional HR expectations which focus on people, compliance, and problems but also from HR leaders not managing their own strategic value and ​intentionally ​building their department​ and initiatives ​​​​​on a profitability mindset.​ ​ Companies that want to ensure future success will look to HR to furnish better succession plans, more effective methods of retaining employees, programs to improve employee engagement, and refined performance management and training processes. (If they don’t find what they need from HR, they will reduce budgets, outsource, and shift responsibilities to other service departments.)​ HR departments won’t see improved budgets or more power and responsibilities until there’s a shift in HR mindset and a focus on HR Strategy that aligns with business needs. ​

      This relaxed chat addresses how HR leaders can earn that seat at the table by focusing on profitability, innovation, and the growth of the company.

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    • Proven strategies for turnkey container applications
      Proven strategies for turnkey container applications Avi Networks and Mesosphere Recorded: Jul 27 2016 5:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • Container-based applications are driving changes in the IT tool chain up and down the stack. In addition to a container orchestration platform, these applications need a full stack of services including load balancing, service proxies, visibility/monitoring, service discovery, and security.

      This webinar jointly presented by Avi Networks and Mesosphere, will uncover the strategies for delivering application services and best practices for building, deploying, and managing large Mesos clusters with thousands of nodes.

      You will learn:

      • How to simplify orchestrating microservices applications
      • How to discover services automatically
      • Gain visibility to application components and their interactions
      • Ways to scale applications seamlessly
      • Achieve security through micro-segmentation, SSL, and L4-L7 policies

      Duration: 60 mins (45 mins followed by Q&A)

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    • The Turnkey Webinar Solution
      The Turnkey Webinar Solution Cara Rogers, Media Supervisor at McKee Wallwork & Company Recorded: Apr 11 2013 7:00 pm UTC 21 mins
    • The Turnkey Webinar Solution: Five steps to generating and converting leads through webinar marketing

      At its core, the webinar is a strong and interactive marketing tool. Through webinar marketing, you can empower your audience with industry insights to earn their trust and gain invaluable ground in building relationships with prospects. Most anyone can create and present a webinar, but creating a successful webinar that generates quality leads for your company is a bit trickier. It requires a solid strategy and implementation plan.

      You will learn about the five steps involved in creating a webinar-based lead generation program. From integrated marketing strategy, to channel planning and creative development, to an ongoing communication plan, you will learn how to create a webinar program that generates leads and provides you with the tools necessary to convert and keep those leads as customers.

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