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    • Leading and Developing a Veterans Sourcing Program
      Leading and Developing a Veterans Sourcing Program John Reynolds - Combat Veteran/Executive Director of Veterans2Work; Ted Elliott - Jobscience CEO Recorded: Feb 6 2014 6:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    • With over 1.2 million military service personnel returning home from overseas deployment over the next five years, the military veterans talent pool continues to grow and is becoming a “go to” source of hires to fill many skills-based needs of today’s top employers. John Reynolds, combat veteran of the Vietnam War and Executive Director of Veterans2Work, is joining forces with Ted Elliott, pioneer of CRM-based recruiting and Jobscience CEO, to empower you with the knowledge to elevate your organization from “Vet Friendly” to “Vet Strong”. John and Ted will share learning experiences and insights on:
      - The value of the military veterans talent pool
      - Translating Military Occupational Classification into its civilian counterpart
      - Creating a presence that draws veterans to your organization
      - Tools for effectively capturing, organizing, engaging and assessing veteran talent
      - Important knowledge-based resources about military veterans

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    • Veterans: A Workforce to Be Reckoned With
      Veterans: A Workforce to Be Reckoned With Greg Fenton and Lisa Schiller of ManpowerGroup Solutions and Marty Pisciotti and Jared Flynn of T-Mobile Recorded: Nov 16 2016 10:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • More than 21 million military veterans live in the United States. Employers need to know veterans’ job search preferences and motivators for career change in order to attract and retain this valuable workforce.

      During this webinar, experts from ManpowerGroup Solutions and T-Mobile will discuss the how veterans can provide much-needed skills, veterans candidate preferences and talent acquisition strategies.

      By participating in this webinar, you will:
      1. Learn how the World of Work is changing and how veterans can provide valuable provide skills during an ever-growing talent shortage
      2. Identify how companies can implement or improve veterans hiring programs
      3. Gain insights from real-life examples of companies, such as T-Mobile, that are leading the industry and benefiting from veterans hiring programs

      Presented by Greg Fenton, Vice President, ManpowerGroup Solutions, and Military Veteran; Lisa Schiller, Vice President, ManpowerGroup Solutions; Marty Pisciotti, Vice President, Employee Careers, T-Mobile; and Jared Flynn, Head of Talent Acquisition, T-Mobile.

      * Please note that this webinar is not eligible for HRCI credit.

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    • Developing an effective program for hiring military personnel
      Developing an effective program for hiring military personnel Lisa Rosser, Founder of the Value Of a Veteran Recorded: Jun 14 2012 6:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Military members serve valiantly to protect our country, but they can also serve an essential role in your success. Unfortunately, however, many businesses do not effectively recruit and retain military personnel.

      In our upcoming webinar, we’ll help your company build a winning program for connecting with this unique and valuable segment of the workforce.

      Topics we'll cover include:

      - Major myths and misperceptions regarding military members and their skills
      - The facts you need to overcome resistance in your organization and pursue veteran applicants
      - The best resources for finding military talent across different skill sets
      - Practical ideas for integrating veteran outreach into your recruiting and marketing efforts
      - An explanation of the tax benefits, laws and regulations involved in hiring veterans
      - Insight into Military Occupational Codes (MOC's) so you can understand a resume written in "military-ese"

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    • Intro to Location Analytics: Retail Traffic Matters
      Intro to Location Analytics: Retail Traffic Matters Jon Rosen: EVP, iInside and 25-year veteran of technology Recorded: Oct 30 2013 4:30 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Department-level conversion analytics, operations and staffing support, and a real-time location-based connection to stores’ mobile apps are just a few of the powerful applications available through Interior Location Analytics. Retailers are aggressively pursuing these technologies: some are evaluating vendors and technologies, and others are testing solutions in their stores. Several retailers have already implemented indoor location systems for actionable intelligence and solutions needed to substantially improve performance, power better and faster marketing, merchandising and store operations processes, and enhance the Omnichanel experience.

      Retailers measure some things exceptionally well: revenue, same store sales, and profit. Until now, what shoppers did inside the store was practically a mystery, new Indoor Location technologies are changing the Retail world.

      This free webinar will cover the basics of indoor location:
      •How retail traffic analytics work
      •How retailers benefit from precise shopper traffic insights – real examples
      •How traffic data is operationalized to drive revenue
      •How to choose between the many indoor positioning methods available

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    • Using Microservices & APIs to Revolutionize Digital Healthcare: A Case Study
      Using Microservices & APIs to Revolutionize Digital Healthcare: A Case Study Matt Serna; Nial Darbey; Joydip Homchowdhury; Jon Duke; Steve Rushing Recorded: Apr 11 2017 3:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • In the United States, the Department of Veterans Affairs is responsible for providing healthcare and other services for over 21 million veterans. Currently, veteran data and health records are housed in a variety of distinct, complex systems, each holding discrete records of veteran interactions with military, community, and VA health teams.

      The Digital Health Platform (DHP) strategy, developed in partnership with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), calls for a cloud-based technology platform integrating Veteran data from VA, military and commercial electronic health records (EHRs), applications, devices and wearables to a Veteran’s healthcare team in real-time.

      Delivering on their vision required the adoption of a composable architecture, using APIs to abstract away complexity from EHRs into discrete units of business capabilities, represented via microservices. In this webinar, the DHP team will present methodology and technology insights drawn from the public-private collaboration that built the proof-of-concept, and share the role MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform helping enable this vision.

      Attendees will learn:

      - Why EHRs on their own are insufficient to meet modern interoperability requirements
      - How APIs can be used to unlock and orchestrate healthcare data for cloud application consumption
      - Why microservices can increase IT agility for both government agencies and private sector companies
      - How the Digital Health Platform leverages MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to improve care delivery for veterans
      - What organizations outside healthcare or government can learn from this digital transformation approach

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    • BrightTALK at RSA 2017: Ben Bernstein on Cyber Attack Trends for 2017
      BrightTALK at RSA 2017: Ben Bernstein on Cyber Attack Trends for 2017 Josh Downs, BrightTALK & Ben Bernstein, CEO, Twistlock Recorded: Apr 20 2017 9:15 am UTC 10 mins
    • BrightTALK caught up with Twistlock's CEO Ben Bernstein for an in-depth conversation on the current state of information security, today's threatscape and a discussion on the cyber industry.

      Topics up for discussion:
      - Trends in the cyber threat landscape
      - What companies can be doing to better improve their security posture
      - 2016's biggest breaches (including Yahoo) and why they happened
      - Preparations to take in advance of GDPR in May 2018
      - Cyber security in the financial sector
      - AI & Machine learning and the influence it'll have on the security industry

      About the Speaker:
      Ben Bernstein co-founded Twistlock, Inc. in 2015, and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Ben has 14+ years of experience in enterprise security and operating systems. He is a Microsoft veteran with extensive experiences in both software development and product management. Ben is a veteran of the Israeli Intelligence Corps. He has a B.A cum laude in Computer Science from the Technion in Israel and an MBA with a scholarship of excellence from the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. Ben hates writing about himself in third body.

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    • Ransomware: The Best Defense.
      Ransomware: The Best Defense. Darius Goodall, Director of Product Marketing for Security at Barracuda Networks Recorded: Aug 10 2017 10:15 am UTC 16 mins
    • Barracuda's Goodall on True Impact of Ransomware Attacks and How to Respond.

      Ransomware is on its way to becoming a $1 billion industry, by some estimates, and possibly 50 percent of enterprises have dealt with it so far. Darius Goodall of Barracuda discusses the best way to defend against the newest strains.

      If the 50 percent estimate is even close to accurate, it is frightening, says Goodall, who is Director of Security Product Marketing at Barracuda. "But as much as that statistic is scary, it's even more scary because it shows how people are not dealing with [ransomware]."

      In an interview about ransomware defense, Goodall discusses:

      - Drivers behind ransomware growth;
      - True business costs of a ransomware outbreak;
      - Effective solutions for ransomware response.

      Goodall is a veteran of the network industry, with more than 21 years of experience in networking products, enterprise marketing and business development. He is currently director of product marketing for security at Barracuda Networks. Before joining Barracuda, he served as head of networking alliances and DevOps at Dell Networking and prior to that he was director of solutions architecture and innovation at Extreme Networks.

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    • ANSI/TIA-942-B, The Important Non-Network Changes
      ANSI/TIA-942-B, The Important Non-Network Changes Edward van Leent Upcoming: Sep 26 2017 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • The new release of the TIA-942-B has many great improvements. Other webinars have addressed the changes to the network chapters. But what about all the other important chapters? This webinar will address changes made to the Rating (a.k.a. Tier) system as well as other non-network related changes. This webinar will cover the important updates critical to those who design, build, and own/operate data centers.

      The speaker, Edward van Leent, Chairman & CEO of EPI Group of Companies, is a long-standing TIA-942 committee member and active contributor. He is a highly experienced data center veteran with over 30 years of experience and has personally audited and overseen the audits of hundreds of data centers all over the world.

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