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    • VoIP Monitoring and Analysis
      VoIP Monitoring and Analysis Jay Botelho, Director, Product Management, WildPackets Recorded: Jan 21 2015 5:30 pm UTC 49 mins
    • With over 10 years of deployment history, VoIP is the primary voice solution for just about every company in existence - large, medium, or small. But even with all that history, recent research from TRAC shows that VoIP is still the number one IT initiative impacting network performance. And with the growth of 802.11 and Wi-Fi enabled smart phones, the use of voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi) promises to increase the volume of VoIP traffic even more.

      Analyzing VoIP traffic alone is not enough. VoIP analysis must be part of your overall network performance analysis. After all, VoIP is just another data type on your network, and according to TRAC, it is impacting your network performance, so you must monitor and analyze the network as a whole, including voice and video over IP. Watch to see how easy it is to capture and analyze voice, video, and data traffic simultaneously, allowing you to pinpoint the impact of each data type on your overall network performance.

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    • TechTalk: The UC/VoIP Lifecycle Can You Hear Me Now?
      TechTalk: The UC/VoIP Lifecycle Can You Hear Me Now? Scott Hart Recorded: Feb 8 2017 6:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Implementing UC/VoIP

      We can help you every step of the way.

      Implementing and managing Unified Communications/VoIP (UC/VoIP) can be overwhelming tasks. You have to ensure that your network is ready, monitor voice quality, and more. Luckily, Micro Focus and NetIQ have your back.

      Join us for a TechTalk webinar that explores our UC/VoIP management solutions:
      •UC/VoIP modules for proactive out-of-box monitoring and reporting
      •Vivinet Assessor pre-deployment network readiness
      •Vivinet Diagnostics voice quality root cause analysis and troubleshooting tools

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    • VoIP on an LTE Network
      VoIP on an LTE Network Ken Tucker, Senior Solutions Architect for Cradlepoint Recorded: Sep 8 2016 4:00 pm UTC 47 mins
    • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is deployed one of two ways: on-premises or cloud. Each deployment strategy has its pluses and minuses — with variables including features, upfront costs and total cost of ownership, existing infrastructure, and scalability.

      VoIP services traverse the WAN and are subject to overall WAN bandwidth. If adequate WAN resources are not available, call quality degradation can result. That’s why more and more IT professionals are asking this question: “How would using an LTE WAN for failover or primary connectivity impact VoIP services in our network?”

      Join our webinar at 9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT on Sept. 8, 2016, to learn the best practices and considerations for deploying VoIP on an LTE network.

      We also will discuss:

      — VoIP on an LTE network vs. VoLTE
      — VoIP on LTE for failover or primary connectivity
      — VoIP network conditions
      — LTE vs. 3G/2G
      — Best practices
      — Quality of Service (QoS)
      — Cradlepoint field testing

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    • Troubleshooting VoIP Issues in Today’s Access Network
      Troubleshooting VoIP Issues in Today’s Access Network Bai Qing, Technical Director Recorded: Aug 30 2016 4:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • Voice over IP has been used for a number of years. Advanced encoding scheme, availability of bandwidth over the internet and mobile network has allowed adoption of VoIP in place of analog phones in many businesses large and small. However, most users still experience bad connection that ends with single-ended voice, choppy voice, and often requires reconnection to resolve… just to have the same problem resurface several calls later! Is this something that we must endure or there is a way to resolve the problem once and for all? This live webinar explores the challenges faced by network professionals responsible for the access network, and offers suggestions on how best to isolate and resolve the issues.

      The webinar will cover the following topics:

      •The lay of the land: VoIP in today’s Access Networks
      •Typical problems & challenges
      •Best practice in isolating problems

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    • RESCHEDULE - VoIP und der beste OptiView XG-Trick, den Sie unbedingt kennen müss
      RESCHEDULE - VoIP und der beste OptiView XG-Trick, den Sie unbedingt kennen müss Oliver Huber Recorded: Jun 3 2016 8:00 am UTC 52 mins
    • da Sie in Ihrem Unternehmen über mindestens ein OptiView® verfügen, kennen Sie es sicherlich als das Tablet, mit dem Sie am schnellsten die Grundursache finden und beweisen können, dass es nicht am Netzwerk liegt.
      Aber wussten Sie schon, dass Sie das OptiView XG mit TruView Live verknüpfen und über die direkte Verbindung hinaus Fehler in Cloud-basierten Diensten, SaaS-Applikationen und jetzt auch in VoIP suchen können?
      Registrieren Sie sich hier für eine kostenloses Webinar und finden Sie heraus, wie Sie:
      •Die Transaktionsleistung und die Konnektivität der Web-Applikation testen
      •Die VoIP-Dienstverfügbarkeit und -Anrufqualität überwachen
      •Referenzwerte zur Netzwerkqualität in Echtzeit erhalten

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    • VoIP and the best OptiView XG trick you didn’t know existed
      VoIP and the best OptiView XG trick you didn’t know existed Mike Diss Recorded: May 25 2016 9:00 am UTC 52 mins
    • Listening to your feedback plus the high level of interest in this subject, we have created a free webinar for many unable to attend the recent live seminar.

      As your company has at least one OptiView ®, you most likely know it as the tablet providing the fastest way to “Prove it’s not the network” and find root cause.
      But here's an awesome tip about a “hidden” feature of the Optivew that you may not know about.
      You can pair OptiView XG with TruView Live and extend it’s reach beyond a direct connection to troubleshoot cloud-based services, SaaS applications and now VoIP.

      Join us and see how you can:
      •Test web application transaction performance and connectivity
      •Monitor VoIP service availability and call quality
      •Baseline real-time network quality

      And the great news is that if you are a new owner or purchaed Gold Product Support for OptiView® XG, you automatically qualify for a free CORE subscription of TruView Live

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    • La VoIP et une astuce concernant OptiView XG dont vous ne soupçonniez pas l’exis
      La VoIP et une astuce concernant OptiView XG dont vous ne soupçonniez pas l’exis Thierry Mas Recorded: May 24 2016 8:30 am UTC 57 mins
    • Votre entreprise possède au moins un OptiView ®, vous savez donc probablement que cette tablette constitue le moyen le plus rapide de prouver qu’un problème « ne se situe pas au niveau du réseau » et d’en identifier l’origine.

      Mais saviez-vous qu’il est possible d’associer OptiView XG et TruView Live afin d’étendre la portée de la tablette au-delà d’une connexion directe, et permettre le dépannage de services basés dans le cloud, d’applications SaaS et, désormais, du trafic VoIP ?

      Inscrivez-vous à notre session en ligne gratuite. Vous découvrirez les avantages de cette technologie :
      •Tester les performances et la connectivité des transactions d’applications Web
      •Surveiller la disponibilité des services VoIP ainsi que la qualité des appels
      •Etablir des points de comparaison en temps réel sur la qualité du réseau

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