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    • DB2 Tech Talk: Real-World Data Warehousing for Tech Pros: Current and Coming
      DB2 Tech Talk: Real-World Data Warehousing for Tech Pros: Current and Coming Jessica Rockwood, IBM Warehousing Developer and Performance Expert Recorded: Mar 28 2013 4:30 pm UTC 76 mins
    • Data warehousing is a rapidly growing and exciting area of technology because warehouse applications provide insightful information. In turn, these insights result in an operational or marketplace advantage for the organization.

      While keeping the OLTP systems in top condition is a full time focus for many, warehousing has become a must-have skill. Through this technical webcast, you can quickly expand your level of understanding on data warehousing technologies.

      Join Jessica Rockwood, IBM warehouse development and performance expert, to learn the current technologies in warehousing and what is needed in the future. Jessica will review core principles - the why, what, and how of warehousing. Then, she’ll cover current day challenges and the new capabilities needed for warehouses of the future.

      Attend this talk to expand your warehousing knowledge.

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    • Jana's Data Warehousing Story: Then vs. Now
      Jana's Data Warehousing Story: Then vs. Now Craig Lancaster, Jana; Mike Ruiz, Amazon Web Services; Jon Bock, Snowflake Computing Recorded: Dec 10 2015 7:00 pm UTC 54 mins
    • Jana's mission is to bring internet access to over a billion people in emerging markets via mobile applications. Already driving more than 3.8 billion MB of app usage, Jana needed a scalable and cost-effective solution to process and analyze that data.

      Snowflake and AWS are helping Jana keep up with the demands of processing and analyzing that rapidly growing stream of data. Using Amazon S3 and the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse, Jana processes and analyzes app usage data in a high-performance, scalable way without the cost and complexity of other solutions.

      Join us to learn:

      - How Jana made the transition from MySQL to a cloud data warehouse
      - The data pipeline that Jana designed to move data from source to analysts
      - The benefits Jana realized as a result of moving to a cloud infrastructure and data warehouse

      Who should attend?

      Data scientists, analysts, and anyone who needs to understand how to make critical data rapidly available - without capital expenditures.

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    • Just-in-Time Data Warehousing on Databricks: CDC and Schema On Read
      Just-in-Time Data Warehousing on Databricks: CDC and Schema On Read Jason Pohl Recorded: Mar 7 2016 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    • In this webcast, Jason Pohl, Solution Engineer from Databricks, will cover how to build a Just-in-Time Data Warehouse on Databricks with a focus on performing Change Data Capture from a relational database and joining that data to a variety of data sources. Not only does Apache Spark and Databricks allow you to do this easier with less code, the routine will automatically ingest changes to the source schema.

      Highlights of this webinar include:
      1. Starting with a Databricks notebook, Jason will build a classic Change Data Capture (CDC) ETL routine to extract data from an RDBMS.

      2. A deep-dive into selecting a delta of changes from tables in an RDBMS, writing it to Parquet, querying it using Spark SQL.

      3. Demonstrate how to apply a schema at time of read rather than before write

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    • Demystifying Elastic Data Warehousing: Featuring TDWI and Snowflake
      Demystifying Elastic Data Warehousing: Featuring TDWI and Snowflake Philip Russom, TDWI Research Director Recorded: May 26 2016 3:00 pm UTC 62 mins
    • In recent years, some users have harbored concerns about clouds in general, as well as their use in data warehousing. As the number of user organizations practicing elastic data warehousing on clouds has increased, the track record of success has helped other users get past perceptual barriers and other myths concerning security, multi-tenancy, and interfacing with clouds.

      We all know that data warehouses and users’ best practices for them are changing dramatically today. As users build new data warehouses and modernize established ones, they are turning to cloud-based elastic data warehousing, because the automation of elasticity yields agility, ease of use, scalability, and performance, while reducing maintenance, tuning, capital investments, and other costs.

      This webinar will:

      - Demystify elastic data warehousing by debunking myths about it

      - Define elastic data warehousing and its goals in terms that data management professionals and business users can relate to

      - Show how cloud-based data-driven tools and platforms have proved themselves, such that users are now more comfortable adopting them

      - Discuss the real-world benefits of data warehousing, data management, and analytics on elastic clouds

      - Explain how data warehousing solutions built to leverage the full capabilities of an elastic cloud can satisfy new requirements for analytics, big data, data streams, and multi-structured data

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    • Building a Turbo-fast Data Warehousing Platform with Databricks
      Building a Turbo-fast Data Warehousing Platform with Databricks Parviz Deyhim, Solutions Architect, Databricks Recorded: Jul 16 2015 5:00 pm UTC 64 mins
    • Traditionally, data warehouse platforms have been perceived as cost prohibitive, challenging to maintain and complex to scale. The combination of Apache Spark and Spark SQL – running on AWS – provides a fast, simple, and scalable way to build a new generation of data warehouses that revolutionizes how data scientists and engineers analyze their datasets.

      In this webinar you will learn how Databricks - a fully managed Spark platform hosted on AWS - integrates with variety of different AWS services, Amazon S3, Kinesis, and VPC. We’ll also show you how to build your own data warehousing platform in very short amount of time and how to integrate it with other tools such as Spark’s machine learning library and Spark streaming for real-time processing of your data.

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    • Enabling Cloud-Native Elastic Data Warehousing
      Enabling Cloud-Native Elastic Data Warehousing Kent Graziano, Senior Technical Evangelist for Snowflake Computing Recorded: Jul 12 2016 5:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • Reinventing the Data Warehouse
      Snowflake Computing is a team of data professionals changing how people use data. Our mission: to safely store, transform and analyze business data, making it easy for everyone to quickly gain insight. Founded with a vision to reinvent the data warehouse for big data, we built a completely new SQL data warehouse designed for the cloud and for today’s needs.
      We started with a clear vision: a data warehouse should make it easy to bring together all your data and make it available to all of the users and systems that need to analyze it. Because conventional data warehouses and big data solutions are increasingly struggling to do that, we took a new approach: we reinvented the data warehouse from the cloud up for today’s data and analytics. The result: a data warehouse that is more flexible, scalable, and easy to use than anything else available.
      This webinar will introduce you to the concepts and architecture behind the Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse along with use cases and success stories.

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