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    • Migración a WiFi 802.11ac – 1ª Sesión
      Migración a WiFi 802.11ac – 1ª Sesión Pepe Bonilla Cepeda Recorded: Jun 13 2017 3:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    • Son muchas las promesas, y mayores las expectativas, respecto a la mejor experiencia de usuario que tendremos al conectarnos a infraestructura de acceso WiFi 802.11ac. Aún y cuando esta tecnología ha estado en el mercado desde 2013, y de que por consecuencia hay ya muchas instalaciones, es muy común que su funcionamiento no necesariamente esté mejorando nuestra experiencia de usuario. Participe del primero de dos webinars en los que hablaremos de las consideraciones y desafíos que enfrentamos al migrar nuestra infraestructura WiFi al estándar 802.11ac. En esta sesión platicaremos los siguientes temas:

      * ¿Qué es 802.11ac?

      * Manejo de canales.

      * Planificación de redes WiFi.

      Acompáñenos y comparta esta invitación con sus colegas relacionados con diseño, despliegue, puesta en marcha y mantenimiento de redes WiFi. Los esperamos.

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    • How to Increase Revenue with WiFi & Retail Presence Analytics
      How to Increase Revenue with WiFi & Retail Presence Analytics Koroush Saraf - Senior Director, Product Management at Fortinet Recorded: Aug 26 2014 3:00 pm UTC 46 mins
    • According to eMarketer, online retail sales will grow from $225.5 billion in 2012 to $434.2 billion in 2017. How will your traditional bricks-and-mortar retail organization keep up? Until now, online retailers have had an unfair advantage, their platforms are designed to observe customer behavior and influence purchases (think of the Amazon “Customers who bought this item also bought” feature).

      Many WiFi Retail Presence Analytics platforms promise the world, but provide little more than a collection of reports and meaningless data. Fortinet Presence Analytics is different, delivering a platform that helps you better understand customer behavior, engage more closely with your customers and actually influence their purchasing decisions.

      Join Koroush Saraf, Senior Director of Product Management at Fortinet as he demonstrates how your retail organization can leverage Fortinet’s Presence Analytics to increase your revenue.

      In this webinar, Koroush will cover:

      · How WiFi Presence Analytics works
      · Social WiFi and its impact on customer engagement
      · Customer privacy concerns and how to address them
      · How you can leverage Presence Analytics to increase sales and revenue

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    • Securing Wi-Fi Networks - A System Approach
      Securing Wi-Fi Networks - A System Approach Kowshik Bhat, Director of Product Marketing, Xirrus Recorded: Apr 22 2015 4:00 pm UTC 48 mins
    • Wi-Fi security attacks, hacking, stolen mobile devices – are these keeping you awake at nights? Are you surprised that Wi-Fi networks can be more secure than your wired networks? Wireless LAN has come a long way from the days of its inception with inadequate security.

      Contrary to common belief, security is not a single protocol or an appliance or an encryption. It is a system of different components working together to ensure your Wi-Fi network is secure and your confidential information is protected.

      Join this webinar to learn about

      - Advances in Wi-Fi security
      - Multi-layers approach to holistic protection
      - Controlling user and device access
      - Controlling applications
      -Xirrus security solutions

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    • Create a digital ready network for better end-user application experiences
      Create a digital ready network for better end-user application experiences Emmanuel Andrieux, Orange Business Services; Matteo Ippolito, Cisco Meraki Recorded: May 9 2017 3:00 pm UTC 55 mins
    • Cloud networking enables enterprises to better manage the end-user’s connectivity experience and improve reliability while lowering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Cisco Meraki is a provider of cloud-controlled WiFi, routing, and security solutions. This webinar includes a live demo of the Meraki dashboard which provides:

      - An overview of which cloud applications your users are accessing where;

      - The ability to block access to cloud applications at a gateway or individual user level;

      - The ability to view router, VPN, security camera usage and carry out remote troubleshooting without the need of an on-site engineer visit;

      - Visibility of WiFi channel utilization and location, enabling you to switch frequencies to ensure high levels of performance and see which “passers by” do not connect – which is particularly useful in the retail and hospitality sectors.

      Orange Business Services, one of four global providers of Cisco Meraki, will share it’s tips on how three customers in the manufacturing, retail and electronics sectors, have been able to get the most out of the solution.

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    • The Gateway Crisis of IoT
      The Gateway Crisis of IoT Perry Lea, Engineer, Cradlepoint Recorded: Jun 15 2017 4:00 pm UTC 58 mins
    • Today’s IoT topology is a hodge-podge of standards, communication mechanisms, software, and hardware.

      Look at a typical home IoT environment that requires a unique hub for every IoT device. This results in complexity and interoperability challenges for widespread adoption and support. Sensors will continue to reduce in size, power, and cost but will remain constrained as to how many features one can bind into a small compute device. Communication standards at the Edge range from WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave, Thread, ANT, and the list is growing. What is needed are smarter Edge devices that provide the services of communication routing, security, aggregation, and resiliency.

      Join this webcast with Perry Lea, Principal Architect and IoT Strategist, for insight into the “wild west” of IoT interoperability, recommendations and predictions on how smart gateways will evolve in the near future.

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    • How to beat the Wi-Fi Blues
      How to beat the Wi-Fi Blues Ryan Orsi, Product Manager Recorded: May 27 2015 8:50 pm UTC 37 mins
    • Just because Wi-Fi usage has outpaced your original plans doesn’t mean it should be the cause of heartbreak and misery. This is your chance to beat the Wi-Fi blues and keep your users from falling into a funk.

      In this hands-on webinar you’ll learn the top reasons why Wi-Fi networks become slow and unusable—and how to make it right. We’ll cover today’s best practices in Wi-Fi network design, including the latest capacity-planning approach that goes against conventional wisdom. We’ll cover how to:

      Ballpark needs based on types of users and applications
      Maximize frequency re-use, with lower power levels and less shouting
      Configure access points and secure traffic
      Use coverage mapping and conflict mapping tools
      And much more!
      We’ve all got troubles, but wireless access shouldn’t be one of them.

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