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    • Capsules for Use in Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) in Early Phase Dev
      Capsules for Use in Dry Powder Inhalers (DPIs) in Early Phase Dev Matt Richardson, Capsugel; Massimo Moratto, Aptuit; Mike Savill, Capsugel Recorded: Jun 28 2011 3:00 pm UTC 69 mins
    • Finding efficient drug delivery methods is becoming increasingly important as the pharmaceutical industry looks to improve the performance of its new compounds and extend the applications of existing drugs. One option that has long been used to successfully treat respiratory conditions and provide compounds with a fast-acting route into circulation is drug delivery via inhalation using a dry powder inhaler (DPI).

      Capsugel’s Xcelodose technology is ideally suited to meet the specialized demand for filling capsules for DPI use, as it is proven to dispense very low weights repeatably with precision and accuracy. The technology is suitable for any dry powder, including micronized and cohesive powders, and fills the powder into the capsule without compressing or compacting the powder base, thereby facilitating evacuation on inhalation. Collaborative data shows that the action of filling does not give rise to segregation of blended products provided the constituents have similar particle size and density, nor will it degrade the bonds between API and carrier particles.

      Matt Richardson, Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager, Capsugel
      Matt has a BS in Chemistry (Wofford College) and Ph.D. (Wake Forest) in synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry. Prior to joining Capsugel in 2005, he worked in process development and scale up of pharmaceuticals.

      Massimo Moratto, Senior Scientist Pharmaceutical Development, Aptuit
      Massimo has worked in formulation development at Aptuit, formerly GSK, for ten years. He works with solid oral dosage forms, Dry Powder Inhaler formulations and is responsible for upgrading the Aptuit Verona facility for respiratory technologies, including the purchase of a new Xcelodose 600S.

      Mike Savill, Pharmaceutical Technology Manager, Capsugel
      Mike supports product and process development for Capsugel’s laboratory equipment. He has helped develop the Xcelodose technology and specialises in the automated precision dosing of dry powders.

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    • Accelerating the Timeline to First-in-human Trials
      Accelerating the Timeline to First-in-human Trials David Edwards, Capsugel; Tim Scott, Pharmatek Laboratories; Joseph Forth, AMRI Recorded: Jul 13 2010 3:00 pm UTC 85 mins
    • Accelerating the Timeline to First-in-human Trials: NEW Case Studies on API in Capsule Technology

      Accurately and precisely dispensing drug substances alone, in tiny amounts as low as 100 micrograms into capsules, excipients or bulking agents is changed the process of drug development.

      Today, Pharma companies use micro-dosing technology to shorten drug development by reducing the need for costly time-consuming stability and pre-formulation studies. Reducing the time it takes to reach the critical "first in human" clinical decision point allows an increase in throughput of candidate compounds for development, thereby enabling pharma development departments to focus their resources on potential winners.

      This webinar will feature NEW case studies on the Capsugel technology. Speakers include:

      David Edwards, Director of Pharmaceutical Technology, Capsugel
      Tim Scott, President, Pharmatek Laboratories
      Joseph Forth, Manager, Pharmaceutical Development AMRI

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