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    • Achieving Zero-Day Attacks and What to do about it
      Achieving Zero-Day Attacks and What to do about it Chris Candaffio, System Engineer, Symantec Upcoming: Mar 23 2017 5:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    • 5-Part Webinar Series: Endpoint Protection…what really matters?

      Part 3 of 5: Achieving Zero-Day Attacks and What to do about it

      All applications have vulnerabilities and attackers are incented to find them. Once the vulnerability has been discovered, the longer it remains unpatched, the greater the risk of a breach, potential loss of information, and damage to reputation.

      Join us to learn what can be done to block exploit attacks on day zero:

      •What behaviors and techniques are used to block attacks
      •Why exploit prevention plays a critical part in endpoint protection
      •How Memory Exploit Mitigation works

      Then see Memory Exploit Mitigation in action with a demo Symantec Endpoint Protection.

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      Watch On-Demand:
      • Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 Webinar Series Part 1 of 5: Addressing Unknown Threats with Advanced Machine Learning http://bit.ly/SEP14Series0126

      • Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 Webinar Series: Part 2 of 5: Block The Risk Of Ransomware http://bit.ly/Part2Webinar0223

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    • Prevention Week Part 2: Defeat Zero-Day Exploits by Automating Prevention
      Prevention Week Part 2: Defeat Zero-Day Exploits by Automating Prevention Michael Moshiri | Director, Advanced Endpoint Protection at Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Jul 19 2016 5:00 pm UTC 61 mins
    • Your endpoint security should easily prevent known threats. But can it also prevent unknown threats from compromising your environment? More importantly, can it automate this prevention so you don’t have to assign scarce resource to investigate alerts?

      In this webinar, you’ll discover a revolutionary approach to defeating zero-day exploits. We’ll examine current approaches to exploit prevention, discuss the top 10 zero-day exploits of 2015, and analyze unknown threats on the day they became known.

      You’ll learn:
      •How to future-proof your endpoint security to protect your users from unknown threats
      •Why other approaches to endpoint protection cannot prevent zero-day exploits
      •Which applications were targeted by the top 10 zero-day exploits discovered in 2015
      •How to automate threat prevention through a natively-integrated, next-generation security platform

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    • How Bad Can Zero Days Get?
      How Bad Can Zero Days Get? Robert Hansen, VP of WhiteHat Security Labs Recorded: May 27 2015 5:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • Are you giving the adversary unintended access through vulnerabilities in your system?

      By only having one method of finding vulnerabilities or one way of mitigating them, the chances of the adversary getting through are increasingly high. This webinar will walk you through the current threat landscape, how vulnerabilities can be found, and how to mitigate control.

      In this webinar you'll learn:

      - What types of assessments work at which points in the software development lifecycle.
      - What is the most popular way to deploy a WAF and why that's not a good idea as a single method of defense.
      - Why finding and fixing your vulnerability isn't actually good enough.

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    • Maximize your zero-day threat protection.
      Maximize your zero-day threat protection. Florian Malecki Recorded: Mar 30 2016 9:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • Join this webinar to learn how to prevent emerging attacks with Dell SonicWALL Capture.

      Multiply the effectiveness of your advanced threat protection with multi-engine sandbox analysis, broad file type and OS support, with no file size limitation. Block potentially malicious files from entering your network until a security verdict is determined, and ensure immediate deployment of remediation signatures.

      See how you can achieve:
      •High security effectiveness
      •Fast response times
      •Reduced total cost of ownership

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    • Stellen Sie einen größtmöglichen Schutz vor Zero-Day-Bedrohungen sicher.
      Stellen Sie einen größtmöglichen Schutz vor Zero-Day-Bedrohungen sicher. Robert Wislsperger Recorded: Apr 6 2016 9:00 am UTC 31 mins
    • Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil und erfahren Sie, wie Sie sich mit Dell SonicWALL Capture gegen neue Bedrohungen wappnen.

      Steigern Sie die Effizienz Ihres erweiterten Bedrohungsschutzes mit Multi-Engine-Sandbox-Analysen und einer umfassenden Dateityp- und Betriebssystemunterstützung – ganz ohne Einschränkungen bei der Dateigröße. Verhindern Sie, dass potenziell bösartige Dateien in Ihr Netzwerk gelangen, bis die Sicherheitslage geklärt ist, und stellen Sie die sofortige Implementierung von Signaturen zur Problemlösung sicher.

      Erfahren Sie, wie Sie von folgenden Vorteilen profitieren:
      •Hocheffiziente Sicherheitsmechanismen
      •Schnelle Reaktionszeiten
      •Niedrigere Total Cost of Ownership

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    • Massimizza la tua protezione dalle minacce zero-day.
      Massimizza la tua protezione dalle minacce zero-day. Cristiano Cafferata Recorded: Apr 1 2016 2:00 pm UTC 51 mins
    • Partecipa a questo webinar per scoprire come prevenire gli attacchi emergenti con Dell SonicWALL Capture.

      Aumenta l'efficacia della tua protezione avanzata contro le minacce grazie all'analisi sandbox multi-engine e ad un ampio supporto di tipi di file e sistemi operativi, senza limitazioni delle dimensioni dei file. I file potenzialmente malevoli vengono bloccati finché non viene determinato un rimedio sicuro, e la protezione viene garantita con l'immediata installazione di signature di riparazione.

      Scopri come ottenere:
      •Sicurezza ad alta efficacia
      •Tempi di risposta veloci
      •Minore costo totale di proprietà

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    • Optimisez votre protection contre les menaces de type zero day.
      Optimisez votre protection contre les menaces de type zero day. Florian Malecki Recorded: Mar 31 2016 9:00 am UTC 49 mins
    • Participez à ce webinaire pour savoir comment éviter les attaques émergentes grâce à Dell SonicWALL Capture.

      Améliorez l'efficacité de votre protection avancée contre les menaces avec l'analyse des moteurs de sandboxing, la prise en charge étendue des types de fichiers et des systèmes d'exploitation, sans limite dans la taille des fichiers. Empêchez les fichiers potentiellement malveillants de pénétrer sur votre réseau tant qu'un diagnostic de sécurité n'a pas été établi et assurez le déploiement instantané de signatures correctives.

      Découvrez comment obtenir :
      •une sécurité haute efficacité
      •des délais de réponse brefs
      •un coût total de possession réduit

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    • Zero Day, Zero Effect: Examining the Clandestine Wolf Zero-Day
      Zero Day, Zero Effect: Examining the Clandestine Wolf Zero-Day Ben Withnell, Incident Analyst, FireEye as a Service Recorded: Sep 22 2015 3:00 pm UTC 43 mins
    • Triage and remediation of attacks utilizing zero-day vulnerabilities requires technology, intelligence, and expertise that is often beyond the capabilities of most security teams today. With Clandestine Wolf, the name our security team gave to a recent zero-day campaign exploiting an Adobe Flash vulnerability, our analysts were able to validate the alert and begin response within minutes after first observing the attack.
      In this webinar Ben Withnell, a FireEye as a Service (FAAS) incident analyst, will discuss how the Clandestine Wolf campaign was discovered, triaged, and remediated across the FireEye as a Service customer base. Throughout the webinar he will also share his insights into how our analysts handle APT threats, the attacker lifecycle, and remediation tactics.

      Register today for this exclusive insight!

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    • How multi-layer sandboxing detects more zero-day threats
      How multi-layer sandboxing detects more zero-day threats Jane Wasson, Product Manager - Dell Security Recorded: Apr 6 2016 6:00 pm UTC 38 mins
    • To combat today’s evasive, advanced threats, a new approach is needed. Specifically, threat analysis technology that malicious code can’t detect and evade. Join this session to learn how our recently announced cloud sandbox service, featuring a threat analysis platform that combines multiple malware analysis engines, including not only virtual sandboxing but also full sytem emulation and hyper-vispr level analysis, is more effective at discovering zero-day threats than single- engine sandbox solutions that are easier for malware to detect and evade.

      - Learn about the changing threat landscape
      - Learn how to protect from new threat vectors and advanced threats

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    • Stopping Zero-day Threats
      Stopping Zero-day Threats Dan Maier, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Zscaler Inc. Recorded: Jul 23 2015 3:00 pm UTC 56 mins
    • If Anthem, Sony, Home Depot, Target and Neiman Marcus can fall victim to security breaches, so can you. The bad news is - no company is immune, no matter how big or small you are. Without a proper understanding of zero-day threats, companies have no way of exposing the gaps of overhyped security solutions. These threats are very sophisticated and often leveraging previously unknown attack techniques and vulnerabilities.

      Join us for a compelling webcast that will highlight critical insights combating zero-day threats - including the ability to:

      • Track employee traffic at all times, in real time, irrespective of whether they are inside or outside the corporate network
      • Derive intelligent insights and meaningful data for fast corrective action
      • Avoid a strategy based on "alerting" you about infections - without any guarantees you will notice them
      • Implement a comprehensive approach to stopping zero-day threats - based on protection, (inspecting every byte of traffic and automatically blocking threats), detection and remediation

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    • Preparing for Zero-Days and Emerging Threats - Where Effective Security Counts
      Preparing for Zero-Days and Emerging Threats - Where Effective Security Counts Joanna Burkey,HP TippingPoint DVLabs Manager Recorded: Jun 24 2014 9:00 pm UTC 35 mins
    • Staying ahead of the bad guys requires two things: a good plan and a good partner. Your security plan must be robust, flexible, and responsive. Your partner must do the heavy lifting, so your team can concentrate to what matters most to your business. HP Security Research Zero-Day Initiative has more than 3000 security researchers looking for vulnerabilities in the software you rely on. Once they are found, HP TippingPoint DVLabs pushes out weekly digital vaccine packages to proactively protect customers from emerging threats.
      But staying protected isn’t just a numbers game.

      Attend this webinar to learn:
      • How we develop “virtual patches” that block any attempt to exploit the vulnerability rather than simple filters to block individual exploits
      • How our approach reduces false positives
      • How the HP Security Research and DVLabs team keeps them out to let you rest easier

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    • ISA 62443 Patch Management Overview and Methods for Zero-Day Threat Protection
      ISA 62443 Patch Management Overview and Methods for Zero-Day Threat Protection Joe Weiss, Managing Director for ISA99; William Cotter, Systems Engineering Specialist; Delfin Rodillas, Sr. Manager of SCADA Recorded: Apr 8 2015 4:00 pm UTC 67 mins
    • The growing presence of widely known and used Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) systems in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) provides an increased opportunity for cyber attacks against ICS equipment. Such attacks, if successful, could have severe impact to not only process availability but also safety. Patch management is one particular area of cybersecurity which requires special attention when applied to ICS. It is part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that increases cybersecurity through the installation of patches that resolve bugs, operability, reliability, and cyber security vulnerabilities. The ISA-TR62443‑2‑3 technical report, developed by the ISA 99 Working Group 6, addresses the patch management aspect of ICS cyber security. Also part of an effective strategy is the use of compensating cybersecurity controls to protect ICS systems from exploits and malware in between often long patching cycles. Novel network and host based technologies have recently become available to address even zero-day threats which bypass conventional signature-based approaches.

      Attendees of this webinar will leave with a better understanding of:
      -The unique aspects of ICS that entail a different and more rigorous approach to patch management than that used in business networks
      - An overview of the ISA 99 standards efforts with detail review of the main aspects of the ISA-TR62443-2-3 Technical Report on Patch Management in IACS
      - Advancements in compensating cybersecurity controls for protecting systems from zero-day threats

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