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Brian Lange

Partner and Data Scientist


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David Talby


Pacific AI

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Giovanni Lanzani

Chief Science Officer


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Assaf Baciu

Head of Product and Co-Founder


Recent Webinars

April 21, 2017 10:00am EDT

The webinar drives into the introduction of the architecture of Tensorflow and the designing of use case. You will learn:…

April 13, 2017 5:00pm EDT

It’s easy to get caught in the excitement of machine learning and start optimizing RMSE, AUC or recall, but machine…

April 13, 2017 4:00pm EDT

There is a misconception that infusing automation into the customer experience will make it less human, and thus less relatable,…

April 13, 2017 1:00pm EDT

Good applications of machine learning and AI can be difficult to pull off. Join Brian Lange, Partner and Data Scientist…

April 13, 2017 11:00am EDT

Sparkling Water integrates H2O, open source distributed machine learning platform, with the capabilities of Apache Spark. It allows users to…

April 13, 2017 11:00am EDT

Machine learning can identify patterns that humans tend to overlook or can’t find easily in masses of data. When it…

April 13, 2017 8:00am EDT

Banks have a vast wealth of mineable data available to them, but traditionally have provided their customers with little feedback…

April 13, 2017 6:00am EDT

Now that the Data Science hype is levelling out, many companies are wondering what went wrong as they could not…

April 13, 2017 4:00am EDT

We are going to discuss a case study on a unified data lake for the oil industry — it is…

April 12, 2017 5:00pm EDT

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are transforming the technological landscape in a wide range of applications….

April 12, 2017 2:00pm EDT

Tens of thousands of chatbots were built and launched last year. Most of them failed. Yet chat remains the number…

April 12, 2017 1:00pm EDT

A text-mining system must go way beyond indexing and search to appear truly intelligent. First, it should understand language beyond…

April 12, 2017 6:00am EDT

We will teach you how to use NLP engine and Recommender System to boost page views and reduce bounce rate….

April 11, 2017 1:00pm EDT

Panel discussion on the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning in startups and business. Panelists: Mike Schmidt, Co-Founder, Dovetale,…

April 11, 2017 11:00am EDT

As businesses begin to rely more on data-driven Artificial Intelligence applications, the new applications lead to new business issues, security,…

April 11, 2017 8:00am EDT

In October 2016, two scientists from Google Brain published a research paper explaining how two AI managed to communicate in…

April 11, 2017 6:00am EDT

Natalino will provide a fast-paced lecture on recognizing handwritten numbers with ANNs. In the past years much progress has been…

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