Emerging Trends and Technologies in FinTech

Collaboration between incumbent institutions and innovative players has been critical in the evolution of the world of finance. There would be no chance to move forward without it. Hear from leading thought leaders who will give you an overview of this year’s latest trends and what we can expect for 2018. Get your questions ready as the expert panels will be ready to answer queries on the Bitcoin revolution, if there is still ways to innovate in payments, and who will be challenging the new status quo.

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Payments are used more than any other aspect of finance, it’s how you pay for everything from cards to digital. But what’s next? Is there…

Digital currencies are becoming commonplace, from Bitcoin to Dogecoin, but none of them have really taken over the world. Are we really going to have…

Many see FinTech as a way to disrupt the traditional role of finance, others see it as an improvement and that old and new must…

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