Augmented and Virtual Reality: Possibilities and Potential

2016 was a breakout year for augmented (AR), mixed (MR) and virtual reality (VR) but will the astronomical growth continue as we move into 2017? The first BrightTALK 2017 Summit will have three areas of focus over three days to help answer that question: how can content creators engage their users and push these technologies to their most exciting limits? How can businesses apply AR/MR/VR technologies to support their workers and inspire their customers? Finally we'll host the debate on the powerful influence that AR/MR/VR can have on society and how humans interact with the world. Join our industry-leading selection of thought leaders who'll be discussing these topics and more at our first AR/VR/MR Summit of 2017.

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Learn how to leverage today’s digital platforms to create cutting-edge interactive and immersive experiences, which push the boundaries of content   creation, curation and production…

With augmented and virtual technologies reaching maturity in the next decade, you may soon be using them on a daily basis. Our summit will cover…

As the new dawn of virtual, augmented & mixed reality breaks, key questions regarding the user need asking: how do we ensure optimum   engagement?…

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