Identity, Data Protection and Securing the Modern Business

Almost every successful cyber attack relies on a compromised identity. With cybercrime on the rise and attackers becoming more sophisticated, organizations worldwide need to remain vigilant in protecting their data assets and staying up to date on important regulation. Identity management, authentication and encryption, as well as compliance are essential to securing the modern business. The world's top security experts will discuss how technology, regulation and culture work together to build a robust cybersecurity posture.

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Data breaches continue to hit large organizations and consumer trust is at an all time low. Stolen identities are often to blame, but what policies…

Mobile remains a key threat vector for malicious attackers as more and more companies employ BYOD tactics for increased agility. Top experts across the industry…

GDPR will be the word on every security professional's mind for the next 12 months; get the lowdown on the steps to take and the…

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