Embedded Analytics Master Class

Analytic capabilities seamlessly integrated into other software applications to provide in-context reporting, visualization, discovery or exploration of data directly from within the application, without requiring the user to switch to a separate stand-alone analytics tool.

Summit Tracks

Howard Dresner explains what the big data market encompasses and why it matters.

Aberdeen Group analyst Mike Lock explains why embedded analytics are a big deal in big data.

Zoomdata’s Ian Fyfe discusses the types of embedding and how to choose the right kind for your use case.

“Keep it simple” is just one of the useful tips from Zoomdata’s Jonathan Avila as he shows the fine points of creating an embedded application.

Analyst Wayne Eckerson discusses how applications with embedded analytics can create new revenue streams from enterprise data.

Product management veteran Olivier Meyer digs into all security consideration around embedding and embedded applications.

Ryan Haber of Zoomdata gets into the weeds – in a good way – as he explains embedding analytics using a software development kit (SDK).

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