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Embedding Analytics 101

In this video, customer success lead engineer Jonathan Avila introduces his class on embedding visualizations in applications and dashboards. Jonathan’s an expert when it comes to embedding custom charts into third party applications. There are definitely best practices when it comes to embedding and Jonathan will share what he has learned.

How To Keep Embedding Analytics Simple

Watch this video to learn how important it is to keep things simple when embedding visualizations. With hundreds of thousands of fields to choose from for any chart, it’s a good idea to use filters to give users fewer options. For example, certain visualizations like a typical sales chart simply don’t need fields like latitude and longitude. You want enough options to make the chart useful and flexible but not enough to overwhelm the user.…

Creating Queries for Dropdowns

Check out this video to see how to create queries for dropdowns in your charts. Good examples of this function would be query options for payment type, country, and city. It’s also important when changing dropdown query options that you update the filters for the main query that’s driving the visualization.

Styling Embedded Analytics Charts and Dashboards

Watch this video to learn how to apply styles to your charts or dashboards. You want to make sure that visualization styles match the visual style of the application or dashboard. Color palette is another important consideration. You also want to make sure that users cannot change the chart type. The code editor is where you can implement a lot of styling changes via Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The video also covers use of the…

Modifying an Embedded Analytics Dashboard

This video shows Jonathan making a change to a dashboard. Modest changes can make a big difference in the appearance of a chart. Background colors are important. Button and button label styles also contribute a lot to the overall look of a visualization. These can be controlled through the specific class of CSS.

Colors and Tooltips for Embedding Analytics

Watch this video to learn how to use colors and tool-tips to provide additional context to your charts. Sometimes, combining two charts into one is the best way to display two metrics that might each occupy its own chart. For example, color can display one metric; size can illustrate the other. A sales by city bar chart works as a common example, using sales and percent change as the metrics. The video also shows how…

Using D3.JS and Other Charting Frameworks

In this video, you’ll learn how D3.JS compares with other charting frameworks. One of the most common visualization frameworks is D3.JS. It has an extensive API and is very powerful. But it has a pretty steep learning curve. Other frameworks like Highcharts or E Charts are easier to use although they don’t offer the range of options that D3 does. For example, side-by-side comparisons using the same chart illustrate the pros and cons of D3.JS…