Data Breaches and Effective Response

An organization suffering a breach is no longer a question of "if," but "when" and "how big." Attackers are becoming more sophisticated in exploiting vulnerabilities, acquiring hacking tools on the dark web and leveraging automation, making traditional defense strategies antiquated and obsolete. Join fellow CISOs, threat hunters and security engineers as they discuss the lessons learned from the year's biggest breaches and provide insight on how to protect against the next big one.

Summit Tracks

Discover the true cost of a breach and why investing in cybersecurity makes business sense.

Learn how to minimize your attack surface to avoid a breach, detect it quickly and launch an effective response.

Take a closer look at the security, mobility and cost implications of software-defined, agile and mobile infrastructures.

Discover why Ransomware is still the biggest buzzword in the security space; how to defend against it and how to minimize the damage post-attack.

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