ITSM and Digital Transformation

With Digital Transformation in 2018 spanning multiple departments and business units, it’s crucial to have a plan in place to effectively manage the change. An effective aide in the journey, IT Service Management helps organizations implement and accelerate Digital Transformation. In this summit, learn from experts how to make the most of automation, transparency and collaboration to drive your business goals and transform your business.

Summit Tracks

Done right, DevOps has a far reaching impact that helps ITSM professionals understand and implement changes - particularly the changes that ensure business-wide Digital Transformation.…

Cloud-based ITSM can transform IT services and infrastructure in a speedy and agile manner. Using automation to consolidate fragmented tools and legacy systems, Cloud ITSM…

As ITSM becomes increasingly important in the digitisation of business, ITIL can be an effective partner in the transformation. Learn how to adapt your culture…

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