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Summit Agenda

July 10: Strategies for Recruiting & Talent Acquisition

Learn how new recruiting and ATS platforms help companies grow by hiring the right talent.

July 11: Re-Defining the Interview Process

Uncover how you can use data and analytics to hire the best talent.

July 12: Company Culture & Onboarding

Discover how to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive employees.

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The Future of Work

The digital economy is changing the way businesses operate. Artificial intelligence and automation is also changing the way we work. According to Deloitte 33% of HR Teams are using some form of AI. Many HR tasks are also becoming more automated, for example HR teams can automate benefits and onboarding processes which is more efficient than filling out paperwork. The way we work is fundamentally changing at a rapid pace and organizations need to embrace this change to prepare for the future or work.

Featured Summit

Trends in HR Technology

HR Technology is a major driving force in how employers recruit and hire talent as well as how individuals look for and secure new jobs. According to CB Insights over 75% of organizations use an applicant tracking system to automate many tasks to save time and effort. New technology allows recruiters to automate sourcing processes and help enhance the candidate experience. Discover how new disruptive HR technologies are reshaping HR and making the most impact connecting job seekers to organizations.