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Summit Agenda

December 10: Security Strategy for 2019

Learn how CISOs are preparing for 2019 and the key factors for their security strategy.

December 11: Trends in Cyber Attacks and Breaches

Explore and apply the lessons from the year’s biggest breaches and cyber attacks.

December 12: Threats on the Horizon

Find out where the biggest threats lie and how to improve your overall security posture in 2019.

December 13: Technologies Powering Security

Join CISOs, researchers and practitioners as they highlight the latest technological leaps enabling visibility, detection and response.

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Featured Summit

Advanced Cyber Security: Data-driven Defense

The biggest cyber attacks and breaches that disrupted enterprises, organizations and governments worldwide in 2017 underscore the importance of network, endpoint, and application monitoring. As attacks are getting more sophisticated, more frequent and the line between cybercrime and cyberwar blurs, businesses should put cybersecurity a key priority in 2018. The world’s top security experts will discuss advanced cybersecurity, from trends and long-term strategy, through AI-powered technology and execution.

Featured Summit

Data Breaches and Effective Response

An organization suffering a breach is no longer a question of "if," but "when" and "how big." Attackers are becoming more sophisticated in exploiting vulnerabilities, acquiring hacking tools on the dark web and leveraging automation, making traditional defense strategies antiquated and obsolete. Join fellow CISOs, threat hunters and security engineers as they discuss the lessons learned from the year's biggest breaches and provide insight on how to protect against the next big one.