Live from BrightTALK @ Dreamforce 2018, a curated selection of Panels and Interviews featuring renowned industry experts.

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Day 1: Now On Demand

September 25, 2018 5:15pm EDT

Sales tech stack: ✓ Martech stack: ✓ This year’s hot tech stack is for the channel -- which typically represents...

September 25, 2018 4:00pm EDT

How do you support your business units? How do you decide to make or buy? How do you decide whether...

September 25, 2018 1:00pm EDT

Data. It rules everything around us. From identifying intent signals to engaging your ideal audience, marketers are steeped in collecting,...

Featured Presenters

Dave R Taylor

Chief Marketing Officer

Impartner Software

Margaret Back

Business Process Architect


Armin Moaddel

Senior Partner Operations Manager


Lief Koepsel

Senior Director, Channel - North America


Kevin Sequeira

Senior Director - Sales Technologies


Gary Sabin

Senior Director, Product & UX

Impartner Software

Dan Lang

Senior Salesforce Developer

Impartner Software

David Pitta headshot

David Pitta

Chief Marketing Officer


John Dering

ABM Technology and Strategy


Joseph Cole

Vice President, Marketing


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Join the discussion on today’s hottest topics

Each session will cover the most pressing issues facing the industry, covering but not limited to:

> Tech Stack Secrets from Top IT Teams
> Aligning Sales and Marketing for a Winning Combination

> CMO is out, CXO is in
> Developing a Winning Account-Based Marketing Plan
> Strategies for Gaining Opt-in Consent in Today’s GDPR World

> Full-Funnel Marketing: Nurturing Every Step of the Customer Journey
> Data-Driven Marketing: Leveraging the Right Metrics for Your Business

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