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January 15, 2019

Learn how to hire, structure, motivate, train and manage a winning sales organization.

January 16, 2019

Accelerate sales through proper activity and performance metrics at every stage of the funnel.

Featured Presenters

Bob Apollo


Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners

Meredith Messenger


The Sales Messenger

Steve Hall


Executive Sales Forum International

Tim Ohai


Growth & Associates

Carole Mahoney

Sales Change Agent & Coach

Phil Gerbyshak

Senior Sales Trainer

Digital Selling Strategies

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Advanced Sales Technologies and Strategies

In order to increase sales revenue, it is mandatory for organizations to train and equip their sales reps with sales automation tools. According to Forbes, 55% of sales people lack basic sales skills and 25% of sales teams lack effective sales technology. Advances in sales technology are streamlining the sales process and helping organizations close bigger deals. Discover how top organizations are adopting tools and technologies that will enable sales teams to focus on what do they best - selling!

Sales Development Strategies 2.0

Inside sales or sales development reps need to cut through the noise and reach out to prospects on whichever platform they may be. To be effective, sales reps must become engage and nurture prospects with valuable insights and content. Learn how you can supercharge your sales organization to create opportunities and take down business through a value-based, omnichannel strategy.