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We’d like to invite you to join BrightTALK’s upcoming virtual summit for a global, three-day online event. Register for free thought leadership from the world’s top speakers, vendors and evangelists in the form of live webinars, panel discussions, keynote presentations and webcam videos. From Engineers and Developers, to IT Operations, Storage and CTOs, professionals from a diverse range of technical backgrounds are welcome!

Summit Agenda

Apr 9: DevOps and Automation

Find out why infrastructure as code and DevSecOps are paving the way for IT teams to manage complex infrastructures in the cloud.

Apr 10: Going Cloud-Native with Containers

Discover how improved agility and cloud native play into a successful digital transformation strategy. Containers, microservices and server-less architectures play a key role, but there is much more to consider.

Apr 11: Securing Your Container Orchestration

Tune in and weigh in with experts from the field on moving your enterprise to containers, how to secure your container orchestration, and if Kubernetes too complicated.

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Upcoming Community Summits

IoT and the Connected Economy

According to Forbes, the global IoT market is projected to grow to almost $9 trillion by 2020. How does this connected economy that we’re living in drive customer intimacy? How should your enterprise IoT solutions approach edge computing? How are technologies like 5G and M2M shifting the way we communicate with each other and with our devices? How do you optimize your enterprise network to be IoT and BYOD ready? Deep dive into the global IoT market and what it means for your organization: from networks and connectivity, to edge computing, IIoT, smart cities and beyond.

Enterprise Cloud and Hybrid IT

According to Cisco, 94% of workloads will be cloud-based in the next 3 years. And according to industry surveys, concerns like cost, spend and lack of resources/expertise will be top of mind for organizations migrating to the cloud. What does it mean for your organization to be “cloud-first” and “cloud-native”? How can you implement an effective hybrid IT strategy? Tune in to learn how to re-imagine your IT and cloud infrastructure to maximize ROI and decipher public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.