Complete Security and Risk Management in Applications

According to PwC’s 20th Annual CEO Survey, 64% of CEOs say that a key differentiator for their companies in coming years will be data security. With constantly evolving threats that change in scope and tactic, developers must be aware of and armed against threats that can take down their app and profit margins. This online summit brings together experts from across the security spectrum to discuss how to tighten applications and stay one step ahead of threats.

Join the discussion with experts, visionaries and leaders at this three-day online event. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your questions answered in these live presentations!

To gain access for free, select on of the tracks below and individually register for each webinar.

Keep up-to-date with SecOps and API security strategies and ensure your application is proactively defended against threats.

Arm yourself against threats and potential attacks by discovering and implementing best practices in technology, processes and policies.

Protect your enterprise from threats in the cloud and on your network, and turn security challenges into better performing applications.

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