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Summit Agenda

May 20: Protecting Your Data

Find out why data protection is key when it comes to GDPR compliance.

May 21: Data Breach Notification

See if your organization is up to date on the requirements for breach response.

May 22: Privacy & Security

Learn the privacy and security controls to have in place to be GDPR compliant.

May 23: Automated Compliance

Discover the best tools for automated compliance.

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Special thanks to our sponsors

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Upcoming Community Summits

Securing the Internet of Things

With over 21 billion Internet-connected devices expected by 2020, securing these devices and the enterprise they are a part of will be a key priority for security professionals worldwide. IT and IoT leaders will discuss the biggest security challenges, cyber threats and IoT vulnerabilities in 2019.

Hackers & Threats 2019

Not all hackers are cyber criminals. Enterprises are increasingly relying on hackers to develop the best strategies for preventing breaches, identifying vulnerabilities and protecting the organization from cyber criminals and threat actors. Security’s best minds will review learnings from the dark web, the latest in hacking tools and cyber threats, along with recommendations for building a more resilient enterprise.