2020 Technology Landscape: A Brave New Digital World

The digital revolution is upon us and in full swing. From hybrid cloud, AI and machine learning, to containers and microservices, and serverless, it’s near impossible to stay on top of all the new trends and technologies. The scope of these changes are vast and global; hear from leading industry experts and thought leaders on what’s ahead and what to look out for.

Join the discussion with experts, visionaries and leaders at this three-day online event. Don’t miss your opportunity to have your questions answered in these live presentations!

To gain access for free, select one of the tracks below and individually register for each webinar.

Discover whether your infrastructure lacks support for AI, where these discrepancies lie, and where the cloud comes in.

Understand why microservices need an API gateway and what can be expected from this near $2 billion market forecast in the next 5 years.

Determine which services are right for your business in the as-a-Service age. Is CaaS really the next generation of PaaS?




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