Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Day with Red Hat

Discover the latest industry trends and takeaways from Red Hat’s Microservices, Containers and Cloud-Native Day in New York City on August 14th without leaving the comfort of your desk. Join the live-stream presentations with Red Hat experts who will discuss new application development and integration technologies, as well as introduce and demo new solutions.

Upcoming sessions include:


9:30 a.m. | Cloud Native Application Architecture

10:15 a.m. | Event-Driven Microservices in the Serverless Age

11:15 a.m. | OKAY_Microservices Data Patterns: CQRS and Event Sourcing with Kafka and Eclipse Vert.x


1:00 p.m. | How to extend your existing investments in decision management and microservices to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

1:45 p.m. | Front Matter: Next Level Front End Deployment on OpenShift

2:30 p.m. | Serverless or Serverfull with Kubernetes

3:15 p.m. | Q&A, event wrap up

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