Master IT Agility with DevOps & Automation

Discover how to increase IT efficiency using machine learning and analytics-led automation, how to innovate automation with robotic processes, and how to accelerate the delivery of DevOps to reduce IT running costs.

Join Micro Focus experts, industry thought leaders, and leading IT Strategists on a three-day digital transformation journey, where you’ll learn about the latest hot topics around automation, robotics, and DevOps best practices.

Start mastering your hybrid environment beyond IT.

To gain access for free, select one of the tracks below and individually register for each webinar.


Discover how to create an automation strategy and recognise use cases for using machine learning and analytics to increase IT efficiency

Expand your automation strategy across your enterprise with RPA and learn how to deliver against your digital transformation goals’

Learn how to manage the Ops challenge of your application lifecycle and accelerate the deliver of DevOps, while reducing costs

Everything you need to know about AIOps and predictive analytic-led automation to enable improved service across your complex hybrid environment.

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