Security at Scale: Making Security Smarter, Not Harder

The largest challenge faced by cybersecurity teams today is scale. Thanks to agile software development, most organizations are releasing code every 2 weeks, which means new unknown vulnerabilities are appearing in different parts of an attack surface almost constantly. It's the responsibility of the security team to ensure the right amount of security testing coverage over the entire attack surface to avoid breaches that pose significant risk to their organization. However this new environment with continuous development and continuous threats makes it hard to scale security testing effectively and efficiently.

This digital conference by Synack will cover all the topics you need to know as a security practitioner who needs to scale your efforts in a big way. It’s all about working smarter, not harder – using the right combination of humans and technology that puts your team in control. We’ll talk about how to scale security testing, how to pick the right vendors, what the best security teams are doing, and how to maximize efficiency with the right combination of human talent and smart technology.

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