Yellowfin Innovate: Rethinking Innovation in Analytics

2019 Free Global Virtual Summit

We have a problem – Innovation in the BI industry died about 30 years ago. Dashboards may look a little better, but what’s delivered to business users is exactly the same. And subsequently, businesses are still failing to be data led.

Yellowfin has been on a journey to change this situation. It is doing this by thinking about the end to end BI process – where data comes from all the way to how a business user gets value from it – and creating a suite of innovative products that consider the needs of all users along this path.

Register for Yellowfin Innovate 2019, the Global Virtual Summit, and see why Yellowfin 9 will change the way data analysts, developers and decision makers will think about and use analytics and how the innovations at Yellowfin help a user actually make decisions or take action on their data.

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