The Future of Business Intelligence in the Cloud

It should come as no surprise that interest in optimizing the cloud for analytics remains high for businesses looking to make the most out of their cloud infrastructure and massively expanding data repositories. After all, industry analysts predict that over 150 zettabytes (150 trillion gigabytes) of data will need analysis by 2025. Hear from industry experts about the cloud architecture trends that are driving easier access to business insights than ever before.

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September 8
Architecting Cloud Analytics: Storage, Sharing, Modeling and More

Advance your knowledge of cloud architecture and discover how successful businesses are optimizing their cloud environments for analytics.

September 9
Cloud Analytics for Critical Business Insights

See how enterprises are applying their cloud analytics insights in real-world business use cases to accelerate decision-making and drive results.

September 10
Tools and Techniques for A Successful Cloud Analytics Strategy

Explore the landscape of solutions, best practices and strategies available to help you execute a successful cloud analytics initiative.

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Who attends our summits?

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