Big Data and Analytics 2021: Trends and Outlook

The big data and analytics industry is in constant flux as businesses and solution providers strive to find ways to get the most value out of increasingly enormous volumes of data. So what tools, techniques and strategies have proven successful when it comes to actually deriving insights from our business data - and what developments can we look forward to as technology and approaches continue to evolve? Join data thought leaders and industry experts as they discuss the current and future state of big data and analytics...and how it will impact your business in 2021.

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Learn about trends and best practices when it comes to managing big data for business — from governance strategy to designing a cloud architecture for…

Discover how the drive for fast insights is transforming the way enterprises approach business intelligence across a variety of use cases.

Learn about the latest trends, developments and expectations that business intelligence experts are excited about as we close out the year and enter 2021.


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