Enabling Remote Workers with Modern VDI​

The unprecedented global situation caused by COVID-19 has created a new normal for enterprises – large numbers of remote employees needing quick access to their desktops and apps. Never has the need to standup infrastructure in record time for virtual desktops and apps come into such sharp focus.

In this half-day summit, learn from multiple Cloud, VDI and application security experts from across VMware, VeloCloud and Microsoft.  They will show you how to reliably and securely empower remote workers and minimize business disruptions.

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Provide remote access with great end-user experience for Horizon 7 and Horizon Cloud.

Combine our free 90-day trial offer of Horizon 7 or Horizon Cloud and get a complete solution you can implement now,
then buy it later when you love it.

Join Avi Networks for a Virtual Hands-on Experience

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all of our Advanced Workshops are being delivered online.
We will resume in-person workshops as soon as possible.

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