2020 Marketing Leadership | An ITSMA Virtual Forum

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, marketing leaders are doing double duty: Shifting programs and priorities on the fly to adjust to the global economic lockdown but also beginning to look ahead to the “next normal.” None of us are sure when and how this pandemic will end, but we can be quite confident that what comes next will be far from the status quo ante.

What types of strategies and activities should we focus on now and for the rest of the year and beyond? Which initiatives will be critical to marketing’s success going forward? How can we make sure our teams stay healthy, happy, and focused on the right things to get through this period? How do we harness the creativity and “all-hands-on-deck” energy that we have right now when the current crisis fades?

ITSMA’s Virtual Marketing Leadership Forum will dig into these and other essential questions for marketing leaders responsible for rethinking strategy and priorities for the next phase of growth

To gain access, select one of the sessions below and register for free.

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