Security Distractions Cost You Business Growth

Explore the future threat landscape and learn how organisations can prevent sophisticated cyber threats by adopting an effective Prevention First Security strategy.

Cybersecurity distractions are on the rise, and they take valuable time away from both Security Professionals and the people in your company directly affected.

90% of breaches result from human error.

Security complexities, friction and responding to incidents impact focus, productivity and ultimately business growth.

Join us and hear from BlackBerry’s CISO and Chief Evangelist who will share their insights on the future threat landscape and how organizations can improve to prevent sophisticated cyber threats by adopting an effective Prevention First Security strategy, powered by the Founder of AI.

Security that works Smarter, not Harder!

In this session, you’ll learn about:
– Investing in a Prevention First Security strategy. The payback areas where distractions can be eliminated, and capacity increased.
– The future threat landscape and how organisations need to protect themselves in advance of new sophisticated cyber threats
– What to expect from Cyber-insurance policies. How to consider the calculation of the opportunity cost of incidents

Join us live to take part in the Q&A with John McClurg and Brian Robison.

About the Speakers

John. E McClurg – Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, BlackBerry

John McClurg serves as Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer. He comes to Blackberry from Cylance where he served as Vice President & Ambassador-At-Large. He engages the industry around the globe on today’s risk challenges and how BlackBerry uniquely mitigates them with the application of AI & machine learning. Champions a move from a historically reactive security posture to one focused on proactively predicting and preventing future risks.

He came to Cylance from Dell where he served as its CSO, advancing responsibilities that included the strategic focus and tactical operations of Dell’s internal global security services, both physical and cyber. He was also charged with the advocacy of business resilience and security prowess generally, the seamless integration of Dell’s various security offerings, and with improving the effectiveness and efficiency of security initiatives, including Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Brian Robison, Chief Evangelist, BlackBerry

Brian Robison is Chief Evangelist at BlackBerry. With over 20 years of cybersecurity experience, he focuses on educating and inspiring the world. Robison hosts live Hacking Exposed events and is a regular speaker at industry events including RSA, Black Hat, and thought leadership forums like ISC2 Think Tank.

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