How AI and ML is Applied to Cybersecurity and Why it Matters

Cyber threats have become more and more sophisticated:

– 300% increase in cybercrime YoY
– 97% of cyberattacks are at the endpoint
– 100 million pieces of malware get released each year
– 1 million daily security alerts seen in 25% of SOC’s

How is your organisation keeping up with these growing risks?

BlackBerry AI uses an automated, prevention-first approach to stop malware from executing on an organisation’s endpoints. It prevents breaches without user or admin intervention, a cloud connection, signatures, heuristics, or sandboxes.

Join us live to learn:
– Why Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure
– Defining concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
– Utilising ML in Cybersecurity and the AI approach
– Live Discussion around current Research Intelligence in the Cyberworld

Security That Works Smarter. Not Harder!

About the Speakers

Brian Robison, Chief Evangelist, BlackBerry

Brian Robison is Chief Evangelist at BlackBerry. With over 20 years of cybersecurity experience, he focuses on educating and inspiring the world. Robison hosts live Hacking Exposed events and is a regular speaker at industry events including RSA, Black Hat, and thought leadership forums like ISC2 Think Tank.

Adam Sloan, Principal Sales Engineer, BlackBerry

Adam is a Principal Sales Engineer who prides himself in customer experience and satisfaction, is results driven and focused on the enterprise mobility and cyber security fields.

With 19 years’ experience in the IT and Telecommunications industries, the last 10 he has focused purely on technical pre-sales within enterprise and government verticals. Adam works with customers and partners to help them leverage the expanding capability of security solutions, which help drive end user productivity while protecting corporate data.

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