Cloud Operating Model Virtual Day

For most enterprises, digital transformation efforts mean delivering new business and customer value more quickly, and at a very large scale. The implication for Enterprise IT then is a shift from cost optimization to speed optimization. The cloud is an inevitable part of this shift as it presents the opportunity to rapidly deploy on-demand services with limitless scale.

To unlock the fastest path to value in the cloud, enterprises must consider how to industrialize the application delivery process across each layer of the cloud: embracing the cloud operating model, and tuning people, process, and tools to it

During the Cloud Operating Model Virtual Day, we will look at the implications of the cloud operating model, across the core layers of infrastructure: provisioning, security, networking and runtime.

Representatives from HashiCorp, Azure, AWS, and GitHub will share their views on the blueprint organizations can use to migrate to, and address the challenges of, a multi-cloud reality, while taking advantage of a computing model that scales dynamically, on demand.

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