Cloud Security Alliance’s Virtual EU Summit

Digitization processes are accelerated in many sectors by the COVID-19 crisis. Increased employee and company usage of services from the cloud are making secure and reliable cloud services a basic requirement of the digital world. Concerns about system breaches, privacy and compliance with regulations are key factors that delay the rapid implementation of a cloud strategy, especially in the public sector.

The Cloud Security Alliance’s Virtual EU Summit will address trust building measures such as certification, risk management, and privacy protection to support agency missions, and the private sector, in a secure and trusted cloud environment.

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Day 1: Cloud Security Certification

The enactment of the Cybersecurity Act in Europe established an EU-wide framework for the IT security certification of products, services and processes. At the end of 2019, ENISA received the mandate to work on the creation of a security certification framework for Cloud Computing. Sessions on this day will include an update on the state of play from the privileged stand point of the experts involved in the ad-hoc working group coordinated by ENISA.

Day 2: Risk Management and Governance

Cloud Computing is entering a mature phase from both the market share and technical evolution standpoint. However, one area that could achieve better results is security and privacy governance. Modernizing the risk management approach, improving the organizational accountability program and streamlining compliance are to be considered key goals for companies that want to optimize their cloud investments and reduce the likelihood of security and privacy incidents. Two of the foundational pieces for this optimization process are compliance with solid standards and a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

Day 3: Privacy and GDPR Compliance

In today’s world of rapidly changing regulatory and security requirements, it is incumbent upon all members of EU agencies to be properly educated to maintain compliance. This session hosted by the CSA EMEA Privacy Center of Excellence will address accountability under GDPR and how Codes of Conduct and certifications are being leveraged by organizations to drive transparency, compliance, and trust.

Day 4: Emerging Trends Impacting the European Union

With cloud as the dominant IT environment and nearly every organization and government leveraging it to some degree, it is not enough to stay on top of what’s happening today. The need to look beyond tomorrow and stay ahead of Emerging Trends is paramount to an organization’s security. Sessions on this day will focus on future trends in cybersecurity from the perspective of the Cloud Security Alliance and other experts.

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