Designing The Future-Proof Data Center 2021

Accelerating the prioritization of the future of data centres

As the volume of global data continues to grow exponentially, the importance of data centres must be addressed to scale and grow efficiently to meet the basic demands of today’s world. As we look to the growth of new technologies including those utilizing AI, machine learning and predictive analytics – we bring you a 3 day summit to keep your data center operations at the helm of innovation and transformation.
Register for free thought leadership from the world’s top speakers, vendors and evangelists in the form of on demand webinars, panel discussions, keynote presentations, and webcam videos.

Keep pace with new automation strategies and take your DCIM to the next level.

Power your storage strategies with new approaches to storage consolidation, optimization and cost control.

Take a closer look at the new approaches to infrastructure & governance with next-generation tools and solutions.



Professionals attending our summits

C-suite, MDs, Heads, SVPs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Practitioners, Consultants within

Data Architect
Enterprise Architect
Software Architect
Data Operations
IT Infrastructure
It Architecture
Enterprise Architect
Data Centre

Software Engineer
Technology Engineer
Systems Engineer
Data Engineer
Network Engineer
Cloud Engineer
IT Managers
AI Automation

Software Developer
Network Developer
Cloud Developer
Data Strategy
Data Architecture
Automation Engineer

Companies in Attendance

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