Security for the Multi-Cloud

As cloud adoption accelerates, security strategies also need to evolve. In 2020, cloud assets were involved in nearly a quarter of all breaches, the overwhelming majority of which involved breached credentials. As attackers are turning to the cloud, discover what organizations should be doing to better protect their cloud-based data, systems and infrastructure.

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September 13
New Threats in the Cloud

Discover the latest threats targeting the cloud in 2021, what has changed since last year and how to stay on top of the evolving threatscape.

September 14
Ransomware in the Cloud

Learn why ransomware is deployed more than any other malware in cloud environments and how to protect your enterprise against it.

September 15
Managing Identities & Application Security

Find out how to better secure your cloud applications and prevent attackers from using breached credentials to cause havoc.

September 16
Cloud Security Monitoring & Analytics

Hear from the experts why visibility across your cloud environments is key for early threat detection and mitigation.

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