Securing the Modern Enterprise: APAC Edition 2021

In a recent report, commissioned by IBM Security and conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the potential cost per breach for organizations across Asia Pacific in 2021 can reach $2.71 million. With the rise in breaches and cyber crime, organizations around the world face an increased risk of loss, not only to their financial bottom line, but also in damages to their reputation and customer satisfaction.

Executive leaders and security experts are looking for solutions on how to minimize their cyber risk, implement measures to protect against cyber attacks, and use the best tools for fast threat detection and mitigation.

Join BrightTALK’s upcoming virtual summit for the APAC-focused four-day online event. Register for free thought leadership from the region’s top speakers, vendors and evangelists in the form of live webinars, panel discussions, keynote presentations, and webcam videos.

April 6
CISO Strategy

Discover how CISOs are building and implementing their security strategy, and the tools and services they are using for protecting the enterprise in 2021.

April 7
Cybercrime Prevention

Get visibility into your cloud environments and explore the role identity plays into your cybercrime and breach prevention strategy.

April 8
Threat Detection & Response

Learn the latest threats to the enterprise and how to detect and respond to incidents.

April 9
The Future of Cyber Security

Get expert insight into how AI can be deployed both for offense and defense from some of the biggest names in security.

April 6: CISO Strategy (On Demand)

April 7: Cybercrime Prevention (On Demand)

April 8: Threat Detection & Response (On Demand)

April 9: The Future of Cyber Security (On Demand)

On Demand Webinars


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